Why? Weekends!

Another great CLE weekend is in the books! On Thursday night, CLEguy and I met up with Amanda from Clue Into Cleveland and her husband for dinner before the Mythbusters show at Playhouse Square. Of course, we went to the new go-to dining spot in that area: Cowell & Hubbard. As with the last time we were there, the service was flawless and the food was fantastic.

I started with the mushroom bisque, densely-packed with mushrooms and with a delicious, earthy flavor.

Don’t worry…the two drinks in the picture are not both mine. CLEguy and I both enjoyed the L’Abeille cocktail, which has grapefruit vodka and elderflower liquor. Refreshing and tasty!

For our entrees, I chose the chicken wing appetizer and CLEguy had the breaded veal paillard.

The chicken wings were served on a plate of goat cheese cream sauce, with pieces of chicken bacon throughout. The wings were moderately spicy and quite tender and juicy. Although they did not have the unique fall-off-the-bone quality of the Greenhouse Tavern’s chicken wing confit, they were definitely leaps and bounds above your average chicken wings.

CLEguy’s veal came with a baby artichoke salad, frisee, and lemon aioli.

The lemon and frisee added a fresh, light taste to the dish and the veal was very tender. Overall, it was another great dining experience at Cowell & Hubbard. We also found out that the restaurant has a menu specifically-designed for theater-goers. While you can order anything off the entire menu, this menu provides suggestions of dishes that will come up quickly and maximize your time before the show. What a good idea!

From there, it was off to unleash our inner science geeks at Mythbusters: Behind the Myths.

It was a fun show, with some myth-busting, some Q&A time with the hosts of the show, and plenty of audience participation.

One of the best parts of the show was seeing so many kids in the audience and wanting to be a part of what are essentially science experiments. The hosts of the show admitted they never imagined the show would have the educational impact it’s had. It was  a fun night and a great example of the diversity of shows that Playhouse Square brings in.

On Friday night, I met up with a newly-engaged friend to celebrate her engagement and get all the details. We met up at Zocalo, due to its convenient location and $5 happy hour margaritas and appetizers. The conversation with my friend was great, the margarita was good, and the food was completely lackluster. I chose the sopes appetizer: corn cakes filled with beans and guacamole. The food had no taste whatsoever: not good, not bad, just no taste.

From the reactions on my Twitter feed, a lot of CLE-er’s have had a similar experience at Zocalo. Decent drinks, good prices, but in an area packed with great restaurants, there are many better options. Oh well, at least I had a nice evening of catching up and dispensing sage engagement advice!

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. Saturday evening, I made homemade pizza. This is one of my favorite things to make, but because the dough takes time, it’s not a regular weeknight meal. Here’s the before baking pic of our pie:

I used a spicy red sauce (thickened with tomato paste) as the base. Then I browned some hot Italian sausage and topped that with a five-cheese blend, hot peppers, and a little bit of Crate & Barrel’s pizza oil. Fifteen minutes later we had:

I make a mean pizza, if I do say so myself. All in all, a great weekend and a nice combination of going out and staying in. How was your weekend, CLE?

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  1. I think your pizza looks sooooo yummy!! Love the pepper rings – they are one of my favs.

    I wish Zocalo would get some decent food in there or close up shop. I think the only reason they are still open is because people ASSUME it’s good b/c of the location. What a shame.

  2. Mythbusters was so much fun – I’m glad we got to meet up beforehand for dinner!

    I didn’t see the other sentiments on Twitter but agree about Zocalo, which is sad because it’s such a prime location for awesome food. I haven’t been there in a while so I’m disappointed to read your experience is about on par with what I experienced last year.

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