Why? Weekends!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter/Passover weekend! I’m going to back the recap up to Thursday, when just about all of Cleveland (or so it seemed) was out celebrating Indians’ Opening Day. Opening Day is one of my favorite days to be out and about downtown. Everyone is happy and optimistic and having fun! I can’t tell you how many “Go Tribe!” shouts I heard (and returned) just walking from my car to meet up with friends.

My friends and I started out at Winking Lizard, which was full to capacity. Despite the crazy crowds, we still were able to get our hands on tasty beer and burgers. While we were there, we saw the Budweiser Clydesdales on their way to Progressive Field.

From the Winking Lizard, we headed over to Wilbert’s to watch the game. Next time the Thirsty Parrot is a bit too crowded before a game, give Wilbert’s a try. Cheap beer, good music (the 90’s jams were pumpin’ that day), and a fun atmosphere. We didn’t stay out for the whole game, which ended up being the longest home opener in MLB history. Our Indians hung on for 16 innings, but weren’t able to pull off the win. That’s OK…baseball is a marathon, not a sprint! I’m just glad for the return of the crack of the bat, Tom Hamilton’s voice, stadium mustard, and all the rest!

Friday started out much more calm and relaxed than Thursday’s Opening Day craziness. I met up with Poise in Parma and Smitten…in Cleveland for an early yoga class at Nishkama Yoga. It was a yoga basics class, but that doesn’t mean it was easy! Our teacher Bethany focused on the fundamentals and correct positioning for each of the poses and really gave us a great workout and a great learning experience. Plus, it’s always more fun practicing with friends.

Saturday and Sunday were all about family time! First, CLEguy and I stopped over to see our friends’ R & R’s brand new baby, just born on Wednesday morning.

From there, it was over to CLEguy’s dad’s house for Easter dinner #1 of the weekend. I brought my go-to side dish for holiday meals: a sweet potato casserole with a brown sugar/pecan topping. It’s easy to make and always a hit! Our day of adorable babies wasn’t over yet either! Leila, my sweet niece-to-be, was there in full-out cute mode.

Leila putting Jell-O in her ear

It was a fun afternoon with family! On Sunday, we were off to Easter dinner #2 with my family. We had traditional Easter dishes, such as nut roll and poppyseed roll and sekinace (a Bohemian sort-of meatloaf). But we also started a new tradition as CLEmom rocked Bobby Flay’s spicy bloody mary recipe.

Here, I demonstrate the proper way to drink a spicy bloody mary:

The celery on your head is essential. Trust me.

I also found out that you’re never too old to get an Easter basket filled with candy from Malley’s. Caramallow eggs are the best, especially after 40 days with no sweets!

So, that was my weekend: a little baseball, a little yoga, a lot of family and food! How was your weekend, CLE? Did you celebrate the holidays with any great traditions? Or start a new tradition, perhaps?

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  1. PIP Aunt Kat

    Thanks for the laugh. first at the jeloo in the ear and then the celery on the forehead. I needed that. Thanks!

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