Why? Bridal Shower!

This past weekend’s busy-ness and excitement culminated in my bridal shower at Landerhaven on Sunday afternoon. Other than the date and location, I had no idea what to expect from the shower. My mom was planning everything and enlisting the bridesmaids’ help as needed. All I had to do was show up. And when I did, this is one of the first things I saw:

Photo Credit - J.A.S. Photography

Seriously massive amounts of bubbly. How classy! And just the thing to calm my nerves too. I felt like a live wire most of the day. If this is the kind of adrenaline I had for the shower, I can just imagine how I’ll feel on the wedding day!

The gorgeous atmosphere continued beyond the champagne bar. Everything was pale pink and silver and just beautiful. My mom’s ideas and Landerhaven’s execution of them were outstanding!

Photo credit - J.A.S. Photography

The food was fantastic: mushroom bisque; chicken, seafood, and spinach crepes; and this fabulous lemon fruit tart. I think I ate 3 bites of everything, so thank goodness for leftovers! One of the most unique things at the shower were the bride and bridesmaid cakes.

Seriously, there were 7 cakes total: 6 that look like the bridesmaids in their dresses and 1 that looks like me in my dress. My one bridesmaid Jennifer couldn’t stop saying, “I’m a cake? I’m a cake!” Cakes by Nadine did a great and tasty job making these creative sweets.

Of course, there was a bridal shower game. But this was unlike any game I’d ever played. Essentially, we played Wheel of Fortune. The puzzles were things about the wedding (our colors, the date, etc.) or about Matthew’s and my relationship (first date, etc.). The contestant was whoever’s gift was being opened. If you solved the puzzle, you won a prize. It was fun and different and let everyone in the room get to know each other a bit.

But beyond the champagne and decor and food and presents and seeing myself made out of frosting, what was truly important were the people who shared the day with me. From my mom and bridesmaids to all the guests, I felt such an outpouring of love and happiness and support and generosity. I was (and am) truly overwhelmed by it.

It was an amazing day! We couldn’t have had a better official start to all the wedding events. 38 days to go!

Since I was busy being showered upon, I wasn’t taking my usual million pictures. My talented bridesmaid Jen was sweet enough to get me a few of her professional pictures on a rush last night and I’ve collected a couple more from other guests. If you were there and have pictures, send ’em my way, please!

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  1. That Bridal Wheel of Fortune game blows my mind. So so cool. I’m so happy you had such a wonderful shower. If you felt such gratitude then, just imagine how you’ll feel on your big day!!

  2. smittenincle

    This was incredible fun and has me looking forward (even more so) to the bachelorette and wedding to come. Everything was class and perfection without being stuffy. And you were gorg!

  3. Champagne bar – yes please! Give your Mom extra points for that one!! Looks like a lovely event – so happy for you. Wish I wasn’t a sickie poo so I could have seen everything in person. Love your dress for the shower and can’t wait to see the wedding dress!!

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