Why? Weekends!

For every weekend that generates three blog posts (a la last weekend), there is a weekend that generates approximately half of a blog post. That, my dear reader, is called balance. This was decidedly one of those half-post weekends: partly because there wasn’t much on the calendar after last weekend’s busy-ness and partly because the weekend kicked off to a kind of bad start, so I decided to be a hermit crab.

However, there were some highlights…

Matthew and I have gotten pretty good at making homemade pizza. The dough needs about 2 hours to sit, so it’s usually a weekend meal. This time we browned up some chicken with olive oil, garlic, basil, and rosemary and topped the crust with the chicken, olive oil, more fresh rosemary, mushrooms, artichokes, and cheese.

Pop open a bottle of cabernet and you’ve got yourself a nice meal!

Sunday, I indulged in some retail therapy at Legacy Village and lululemon. I had gift cards to spend and the weather was nice, so it was perfect. Of course, I ended up spending five times as much as my gift card at lululemon, but other than that it was perfect. How was I supposed to resist something called a “Every Yogi” shirt?!

After retail therapy, I got some friend therapy by spending a ridiculous amount of time on the phone with my best friend from law school. Then I got some sunshine therapy by working on the flower beds around our new house. The past owners did a good job with the landscaping. It’s pretty awesome to see everything blooming now!


Sunday evening, we headed to my parents house for margaritas and steaks on the grill. A nice, quiet end to what really needed to be a quiet weekend.

The biggest steaks ever

Oh, another great part of the weekend? I got some more bridal shower pictures from Jen. Here are three of my favorites:

With some of the bridesmaids
Photo credit - J.A.S. Photography
With my mom
Photo credit - J.A.S. Photography
Photo credit - J.A.S. Photography

So, what started as a not-so-great weekend turned itself around with a little help from friends and family (and lulu). How was your weekend, CLE? Was it exciting or more low-key?

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  1. Glad your weekend turned out being good after that crazy Friday! Mine was super low key too – I think I’m finally coming back from the almost dead thanks to the antibiotics! This makes me want to make some pizza too – just got a new stone that needs broken in : )

  2. PLP

    Yay to all! According to my phone, we did talk for 62 minutes 🙂 The pizza looks amazing and who doesn’t love one of Momma G’s margaritas from the margarita machine?!?! 1 more month!!!

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