Why? 6 Days of Yoga!

Just about a month ago, Kimberly from Smitten…in Cleveland and I bought month-long unlimited passes at Nishkama Yoga. I was maintaining a twice-per-week schedule. Then, on Monday, I met up with Kimberly for her first ever Nishkama Vinyasa Flow class. Well, clearly Bethany did something to our brains. Because when we left the class, Kimberly suggested we get as much bang for our buck by going to class every day this week. And I agreed.

Our six day yoga-thon is not complete yet. We have class this morning and then a class on Saturday to help celebrate Nishkama North Olmsted’s grand opening. Side note: There are free classes all day Saturday, plus a taco bar and a raffle to benefit the APL! Get the details here.

But, through these last four days, I’ve learned a lot about yoga and about how these lessons tie to life in general. Or maybe I just realized somethings I already knew…

Dress for success. I made it through this week with the help of some new lululemon gear. Feeling cute while being sweaty helps.

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There are days that are just hard and there are days when you kick (yogi) butt. After Tuesday’s class, Kimberly and I looked at each other like we were ready to give up. But we came back again on Wednesday and felt like rock stars.

When something great happens, it’s best to have girlfriends nearby to share it with. Near the end of Monday’s class, I got my heels down to the mat in downward facing dog, multiple times. I immediately shouted out this news to Bethany (our teacher) and Kimberly. I blame this euphoria for why I agreed to the yoga-thon. And I’ve gotten those heels down every day this week.

Share your practice with people who care about and support you. The teachers at Nishkama know you and they know your practice. They can see your advancement and they know your weak spots. They will be your Facebook friends. They are awesome women.

Utkatasana is the worst word in the world.This is Sanskrit for “Chair Pose.” I hate this pose. There is no amount of strength or yogi grace to get me through it easily. I just have to grit my teeth and do it.

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Assists from your teacher are sometimes tough. They push you further into a pose, make you go a little deeper and work a little harder. I cannot get through Reverse Warrior in Ylonda’s class without her sitting on my bent leg. We both know it’s going to happen. And as much as it can be tough, I know she does it because she cares about my practice.

You can do the thing you never thought you’d do. If you had asked anyone who knows me if I’d be a confirmed yogi, they would have said no. I would have told you the same thing. I never thought I’d even know what Plough Pose was, much less hang out in it for extended periods of time. We all have so much strength in so many different ways. All you have to do is shut out everything else and tap into it.

If you spend six days in a row practicing yoga with someone, your friendship will be cemented. It’s cemented by laughter, grunts of frustration, sweat, yogi highs and hazes, and the promise of patio cocktails when it’s all over.

As I walked into the studio yesterday morning, I saw this sign:

It says, “On this path, no effort is wasted and there is no failure. Even a little effort will yield protection from fear.” I definitely found that to be true during my yoga-thon!

Do you yoga? What have you learned from the practice?

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  1. yeah! I was reading through this feeling like I wanted to fist pump every paragraph. I am so happy for you!! I was looking for inspiration to use as a theme for my classes next week – and you pushed me over the edge. No effort is wasted. Thanks, Jen!

  2. It’s been such an honor to be a witness to seeing both of your practices grow in the past 30 days. I love the little lessons and the big lessons in this post and it proves you really have earned your “yogi” card!! Here’s to more fun on our mats!

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