Why? Weekends, Part I!

It was another busy weekend in CLE! Friday afternoon, Smitten…in Cleveland and I headed out for some patio cocktails to celebrate making it through our yoga-thon. We chose The Greenhouse Tavern and, while we were a day early for the rooftop bar, we were able to take in the people-watching on East 4th from street-level.

I sipped on the Sage Advice cocktail on Round 1 and the Grapefruit 75 on Round 2. As we were enjoying our second round of drinks, our waiter told us that Bethany (one of our awesome yoga teachers) had called in and bought a round of drinks for us. How amazing is that?

The Sage Advice had OYO vanilla bean vodka, sage, burnt lemon, and walnut flavors. While I got a lot of sage aroma, the taste was much more lemon and vanilla.

The Grapefruit 75 is noted on the menu as being perfect for patio season and that is definitely true. It has grapefruit vodka and prosecco and is light, crisp, and refreshing.

We also split an order of the moules frites, which are The Greenhouse Tavern’s tasty frites with mussels and tomato broth. Yum! Eat them fast so the frites don’t get soggy!

After patio cocktails, Kimberly and I headed home for dinner. For me, dinner meant Menchie’s. Matthew and I headed to the frozen yogurt and toppings wonderland and each made our own unique creations. Mine is something any five-year-old would love, with plenty of nonpaerils, Kit-Kat, and chocolate chip cookie dough bites.

Hooray for balanced nutrition of cocktails, frites, and fro yo!

Saturday, I headed back to Nishkama Yoga to celebrate the Grand Opening of their North Olmsted location (and the end of the yoga-thon). There was a delicious taco bar with food donated from Whole Foods Market, a raffle to benefit the Cleveland APL, and free yoga all day.

It was so fun to celebrate the Grand Opening of such a special studio with such fabulous yogis.

Plus, Kimberly and I brought an official end to our yoga-thon! While the marathon may be over, we’ll definitely keep on practicing at Nishkama.

That’s just half of the weekend, folks! Tomorrow I’ll catch you up on dinner in Tremont, Cleveland Fashion Week’s GlamJam party, and seeing the Avengers!

Was your weekend busy or low-key?

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  1. smittenincle

    I’m now craving menchies for breakfast….I realize I’m writing this as you are yoga-ing. Who is gonna look over and stick their tongue out at you if I’m not there?

  2. I’m happy summer is almost officially here so it means even more excuses to go to Greenhouse (not that I need one!). While this weekend was somewhat lowkey, my parents were here so we spent a lot of time taking them around to different restaurants (including Strip which is now a new favorite of mine in Avon!) and even got a house project done.

    Can’t wait to read what you thought of the Avengers. We ended up seeing it twice (once at midnight, once with my folks) and are heading back sometime this week so we can see it in IMAX 3D. I like to think it’s thanks to my and Scott’s triple viewings in the first week that helped push it to break so many records (just kidding! we wouldn’t see it that many times if it weren’t so awesome!).

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