Why? Bachelorette Party!

Thank goodness for the Ohio Blogging Association blog swap yesterday! It gave me an extra day to rest up before telling you all about my bachelorette party on Saturday.

First, four of my lovely bridesmaids got together at my house to decorate me for the occasion. This was the end result:

A pink feather boa, a sash, a crown with a mini veil, a light-up pin and a light-up ring and I was set! We then met up with the party bus for an afternoon at the wineries. Tammy from Miss WineOH was our tour guide and organizer for the day, along with my bridesmaid Beth.

Not only did Tammy lead us through all our tastings, she also kept track of 18 boisterous ladies, organized fun games for the bus, and handed out prizes. She did a great job!

Our first stop was Buccia Vineyard in Conneaut, which is not just a winery, but also a bed and breakfast. We got to taste 4 of their wines, plus have a quick bite for lunch.

Overwhelmingly, the favorite wine was the Reflections of Lake Erie white blend. It was perfect for sipping outside on a hot day, with just a bit of sweetness.

Oh, and if you make it out to Buccia, make sure you do the B&B tour and read the hot tub rules. You won’t be sorry…

Back on the bus and we were off to Ferrante Winery in Geneva. This is one of my favorite Ohio wineries, with fabulous wines, delicious food, and beautiful outdoor patios.

The group’s favorite wine seemed to be the Golden Bunches Riesling.

Pro tasting tip: pour these little shot glasses into your wine glass to appear classier. If you don’t like the wine, give it to the bride-to-be.

Our last stop was Grand River Cellars in Madison. We had more wine and some munchies, including a delicious baked brie and pear appetizer with blackberry jam. The Grand Red was a definite favorite wine here. We also got a tour of the Grand River wine cellar.

The winery tours were over, but the drinking was not! The bridesmaids and I headed for some dinner at Willoughby Brewing Company. Outside at the bar, we met Janet, who will be married 50 years this week. Janet shared some advice and we shared a shot too!

From there, we headed back to my house for more wine, food, girl talk, and chick flicks. Oh, and decorating the dogs…

It was the perfect day! The wineries made for great locations for relaxing with my friends and Tammy did a wonderful job planning our day. More than that, though, I’m overwhelmed by a bus-full of lovely ladies who came out to help me celebrate getting married (in less than 2 weeks!). From knowing people 13 years to knowing them for 6 months, everyone there is so special to me and helped make the day a truly memorable one! Cheers!

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  1. Seriously – what an awesome idea for a bachelorette party! So glad the weather was PERFECT for you ladies too. Can’t believe the wedding is only 2 weeks away – yay!!!! Maybe for my next B+B getaway with my sweetie I’ll have to check out Buccia <3

  2. Holly

    So fun! I just visited those same wineries on my trip a few weeks ago. The man who owns Buccia was especially nice and I think we would stay at the B&B sometime now that we know about it too.

    Glad you had a nice time and I love how you selected a classy affair for your bach!

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