Why? Weekends!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend and the unofficial start of summer in CLE! To kick off the holiday weekend, my friend planned a State Road pub crawl to celebrate her 30th birthday.

There are a surprising number of little pubs on State Road in between Snow and Ridgewood Roads in Parma. We started out at The Hive. This place is half concert club, half bar, but the two sides are separate. From there, we headed onto Quikky’s Bar and Grill.

This definitely had more of the “dive bar” feel! Part of the evening involved a bar scavenger hunt, finding things like beer coasters, matchbooks, a bartender who would create a drink named after the birthday girl, and a mullet. Good times!

I headed home after Quikky’s, but the group continued onto Tradesman Tavern and Last Stop Inn. The State Road bars definitely offer cheap beer and a relaxed atmosphere. Cheers to the birthday girl for a fun idea!

Saturday morning started with a hot and sweaty yoga flow at Nishkama Yoga. For some unknown reason, I signed up for 7 days in a row of yoga classes. Saturday was Day 4 and I was starting to feel pretty tired. Luckily, Alicia and Kimberly practiced on either side of me. Their energy not only got me through the class, but made it really fun. Nothing like practicing with friends!

After class, the three of us needed to rehydrate with some of my mom’s famous margaritas.

Of course, Mom also made a ridiculous amount of food, including guacamole, taco dip, and tequila lime flank steak tacos. And just when we thought we couldn’t eat anymore, this showed up:

Four different kinds of Handel’s ice cream! Sooo good! I don’t think there’s anything that compliments non-stop girl talk better than margaritas and ice cream!

Sunday, I met up with Bridesmaid Beth for dinner at Two Bucks in Avon. This place is crazy cheap! There’s a fairly extensive list of beers for $2 – nothing too far into the craft beer range, but good options – and a lot of the appetizers and sliders are $2 as well.

We shared the fries ($2), the gouda mac n’ cheese ($2), and the boneless wings with spicy mango sauce ($7). All told, for our food and 2 beers a piece, we spent $20. You can’t beat that! And the food was good! The fries could have been crisper, but the mac n’ cheese was delicious and the sauce on the boneless wings was really solid.

Today is an around-the-house kind of day, with big plans of grilling ribs and chicken and making a fire in the backyard fireplace later. I hope your holiday weekend has been as fun and relaxing as mine! And remember to stop for a moment today and pay your respects to those who gave their lives so we could have a fun and relaxing weekend.

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