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***A bit of blogkeeping: While I’m off on my honeymoon, I’ve lined up some fabulous Cleveland bloggers to give new Why CLE? perspectives. Today we have Amanda from Clue Into Cleveland, telling us about a great organization reaching out to Cleveland newcomers and boomerangs. Thanks, Amanda!***

Teams WhyCLE and CiC at Broadway Launch – photo courtesy of Playhouse Square

The first time I met Jen at an Ohio Blogging meetup, I knew I had found a kindred spirit that would become a good friend beyond just the blog.

I moved to Cleveland five years ago from Philadelphia. And similar to WhyCLE, I started Clue Into Cleveland a couple years back to share the reasons I chose to move here (or, in Jen’s case, move back).

I’ve always enjoyed sharing a passion for Cleveland with Jen. And I was excited when the new Mrs. CLEguy asked me to guest post while Matthew and her are off celebrating their marriage.

Image Source – globalcleveland.org

While there are no shortage of Cleveland-centric topics to guest post about, I figured I’d share about an organization important to both of us: Global Cleveland and the work they’re doing for newcomers and boomerangs.

Global Cleveland launched last May with a goal of attracting newcomers – both domestic and international – so they ultimately can promote the growth of up-and-coming industries and foster a well-rooted community that is welcoming to all.

To complement other Northeast Ohio development initiatives, Global Cleveland provides a point of contact for newcomers – both virtually and in person at their Public Square Welcome Hub – that helps them connect with organizations and individuals in Greater Cleveland.

Their programs focus on 5 target groups – job seekers, employers, immigrants, boomerangs, and volunteers:

  • For those seeking employment (and conversely those looking for talent), Global Cleveland works to connect and build relationships through their Employer Toolkit and links to workshops, employment fairs and other career search resources.
  • Global Cleveland’s development of skilled immigrant talent kicked off with a pilot program focused on healthcare. The free course which graduated 19 students in March helped healthcare professionals from other countries improve their English and learn about the U.S. healthcare system.
  • For boomerangs like Jen, Global Cleveland has established an e-newsletter, networking and local ambassadors to assist in reconnecting with employment and social opportunities in the CLE. Check out their twitter handle @HometoCLE for boomerang-centric conversations.
  • And just because you already live in Cleveland doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with Global Cleveland. From career mentors and local ambassadors to translators and “English conversation buddies,” there are plenty of volunteer opportunities available.
Market Garden Brewery – photo credit Smitten…in Cleveland

Last week, Smitten…in Cleveland joined me at Global Cleveland’s most recent event Tap Into Ohio City. Hosted at the Market Garden Brewery, the happy hour invited newcomers and boomerangs to explore Ohio City, enjoy drink specials and snacks at one of the neighborhood’s many restaurants, and network with other people new to town.

Even though Kimberly and I may no longer qualify as “newcomers,” as non-Cleveland-natives we joined in on the festivities, reconnected with boomerangs like @TracyMoavero and @KaseyCrabtree and enjoyed a few tasty beverages (I highly recommend the Market Garden’s beer cocktail The Avenger).

Global Cleveland also provided information about other Ohio City businesses and copies of my favorite guidebook New to Cleveland for sale. And although Jen couldn’t be there, she was in spirit as guests were invited to share their Why CLE? reasons.

Smitten in CLE and I giving our reasons Why CLE?

Like any city, Cleveland will always have room for growth and needs to continue developing its resources and talent. Just one year in, Global Cleveland has already made significant steps in creating a more vibrant Cleveland — giving us another answer to “Why CLE?”

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