Why? Weekends!

Hey, dear readers! How was your weekend? This weekend, Matthew and I had a pretty good balance of scheduled and unscheduled time, which almost never happens in the summer. So, Friday night and Sunday, we took advantage and cooked up a storm with our Fresh Fork goodies. More on that tomorrow…

Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to attend the Cleveland Indians Social Media Town Hall. The Town Hall participants were social media folks who had been in the Social Suite during last season. The event was held at the Terrace Club and it was beautiful day to look out over the stadium and talk baseball.

Before the Town Hall began, we were treated to lunch, with a buffet featuring everything from salads to roast turkey and vegetables to mac ‘n cheese to, of course, ballpark hot dogs and sausages.

Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro then took the floor to answer questions about trades, attendance, team goals, concession prices, his portrayal in Moneyball, and everything in between.

According to Mark Shapiro, the Indians have four guiding principles that focus everything the team does: baseball, fans, ballpark, and community. Ultimately, the goal is to win the World Series and, while there are interim goals in between now and then, the Indians believe in keeping the large goal always in mind.

The conversation at the Town Hall was candid, funny, and informative. It’s great to know our home team’s General Manager is so engaged with and aware of what the fans think. Mark Shapiro said that he reads every tweet he receives, so let him know what you think: @MarkShapiro. And keep your eyes open for more Indians Town Hall lunches! I know I will!

With baseball-loving gals @TLColson, @LaVieBoheme73, and @EatDrinkClev

Saturday morning, I headed over to Nishkama Yoga for quite the intense yoga sweat-fest. I think my body is still readjusting to not practicing vacation yoga. I couldn’t miss this class, though, because Alicia from Poise in Parma was assisting the teacher as part of her yoga teacher training. Alicia has been chronicling her teacher training journey and, even if you’re not a yogi, it’s a great story of committing yourself to what you truly love. So proud of her and happy that I could do a couple sloppy up-dogs so she could assist me!

After the sweat-fest, I figured I earned myself a couple of these:

I met up with friends at Luchita’s on West 117th Street. This place never disappoints, with tasty margaritas and good food. Aside from eating our body weight in chips and salsa, I also ordered the pollo con crema.

This dish is strips of chicken, onions and jalapenos in a light salsa cream sauce, with rice and black beans. Delicious!

As we were leaving, I saw perhaps the most random lobby vending machine ever:

How can there be 10 different varieties?! That was my weekend, CLE. What’s the most random thing you saw this weekend?

***Disclosure: I was invited to attend the Cleveland Indians Social Media Town Hall due to my participation in the Social Suite last season. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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  1. Thanks for the shout out – it was lovely to be able to help you in your upward facing dogs!! I have to admit – I thought you were going to LOSE IT if Yo called boat pose one more time!!!

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