Why? Fresh Fork!

This summer, Matthew and I signed up for Fresh Fork Market. Fresh Fork isn’t a traditional CSA (community sustained agriculture). Fresh Fork sources produce, meats, and other products from local growers and creates a weekly bag o’ goodies of the freshest and tastiest products.

Each week, I’ll share what we got in our bag and some of the recipes we tried. Hopefully these will inspire you with either how to use your Fresh Fork ingredients or with new things to try from the grocery. We missed the first two weeks of deliveries while on our honeymoon, so this past Thursday was our first delivery.

What we got:

1 package boneless loin chops, 2 per pack

2 lbs spelt berries

1 bunch spinach

1 head white stem bok choy

1 dozen eggs

1 head baby bok choy

1 bunch beets with tops

1 lb snow peas

1 head Chinese napa cabbage

What we made:

I tried to find recipes or combinations of recipes that maximized the use of our Fresh Fork ingredients.

Grilled Asian Ginger Pork Chops (click here for the recipe)

This was a simple marinade with orange juice, ginger, and chile paste. I was able to let the pork chops soak up the flavor while I was preparing the rest of the meal.

Spicy Bok Choy in Garlic Sauce (click here for the recipe)

An easy stir-fried side dish, although I would probably cut back on the oyster sauce and soy sauce next time, as it was a bit salty for my taste. The spiciness complimented the pork chop marinade nicely.

Spelt Berries (click here for the recipe)

I used the spelt berries as a substitute for brown rice. They were a bit boring and chewy. Some tips: soak them for as long as possible before cooking, put them in the food processor for a bit (hat tip to Smitten…in Cleveland), and cook in broth rather than water.

Our Friday night dinner a la Fresh Fork was pretty tasty:

Paired with Golden Bunches Riesling from Ferrante Winery, it was a great summer meal!

Easy Pasta with Roasted Beets and Spinach (click here for the recipe)

I thought I didn’t like beets. But I love this recipe…maybe it’s the color of the finished product. You roast beets and onions with olive oil and toss with pasta, spinach, ricotta cheese, and lemon juice. I made this on Sunday afternoon to use for lunches during the week, but couldn’t resist a taste when it was completed.

Mixed Vegetables with Spelt Berries (click here for the recipe)

I’m usually one to stick to a recipe, at least the first time around, but for this, I changed up the vegetables and also added shrimp to make this a heartier meal. This was a much more flavorful way to use the spelt berries!

Chocolate-Flecked Mint Ice Cream (from the Williams-Sonoma Sweet Scoops cookbook)

This counts for Fresh Fork because we used our Fresh Fork eggs in the base. This ice cream uses fresh mint leaves and is so flavorful. Although I love chocolate, I would use less than the recipe calls for, though…

Hope these recipes inspire some tasty summer cooking at your place! If you have any suggestions for our Fresh Fork ingredients, please share. Stay tuned for more recipes next week!

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  1. Smitten...in cleveland

    Wow, You really did a great job incorporating a lot of those ingredients. Even the beets and spelt berries (which is always the hardest for me). Thanks for the ideas and keep ’em coming!

  2. Because of our schedule this summer, I’m considering doing one of the 4 week Fresh Fork subscriptions to try things out . Looking forward to reading how this goes from week to week – have heard GREAT things about Fresh Fork!

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