Why? Weekends!

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This week was all messed up with the holiday smack dab in the middle. So, I kind of felt like the weekend snuck up on me. On Thursday evening, Matthew and I met up with friends Nathan and Lane to check out Sweetie Fry. Since Lane already guest posted here about Sweetie Fry, I’ll keep it short: You must try it! You’ll feel like a kid eating nothing but french fries and ice cream for dinner, but it’s so good!

Matthew tried the chicken parmesan fries and I had the bacon cheese fries. The white cheddar and chunks of real bacon made these fries a treat!

I had heard rave reviews about the goat cheese honey ice cream, but it was no longer on the menu. I ended up with cookies and cream, a classic choice, with a “sweetie scoop” of french toast ice cream on top. The french toast ice cream reminded me of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I will definitely be ordering a full scoop of that next time.

I started Saturday morning off with a hot, sweaty flow at Nishkama Yoga. I’ve never practiced Bikram, but I think practicing anywhere on Saturday counted as Bikram. It was SO hot!

Saturday afternoon, our friend Brian hosted another chance to sample his tasty Burgalicious burgers at Toth’s Place.

His newest burger is a mushroom swiss burger, with the mushrooms mixed right into the patty. Really tasty and juicy, but the patty still held together too. Nice job, Brian! Burgalicious burgers can be ordered and shipped right to you, so check out his Facebook page for more details!

After that, Matthew and I decided to head up to downtown Willoughby for a couple beers. We started at The 1899 Pub, where I tried a Curious Traveler Shandy. It’s a very lemon-y shandy, but I thought it was great for a hot summer evening on a patio.

From there, we went to The Wild Goose. Continuing to try new beers, Matthew checked out the Batch 19, which is made from an old prohibition beer recipe. I went with a long-time favorite: La Fin du Monde.

I really enjoy the pubs in downtown Willoughby: a lot have a laid back feel, they aren’t too expensive, and you can get a great selection of craft beer!

Sunday, we celebrated two birthdays. First, the elder CLEpup – Samantha – turned 14! Happy birthday, pup!

We also celebrated my brother-in-law Andrew’s birthday with a party at his house. It was a nice day of kids, food, and fun.

I got to spend a lot of time with my neice Leila, who is just the cutest kid ever!

Another summer weekend in the books! How was your weekend? What new answers to Why CLE did you discover?

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  1. Grady’s birthday is coming up next month – I think a pup birthday party might be in order…

    Holy Sweetie Fry. All of that looks amazing. What a great weekend you had!

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