Why? Anatolia Cafe and Fired Up Tacos!

This past week, I’ve had two new eating experiences that were both fantastic, so I wanted to share them with you! On Monday night, Matthew and I met up with some of his friends from work at Anatolia Cafe, a Turkish restaurant in Cleveland Heights. Not only had I never been to the restaurant before, I had never eaten Turkish food at all.

Luckily, my CLEtweeps came through with some great suggestions on what to order. We started with the Sigara Boregi, deemed a “must try” by both Twitter and the menu itself.

These rolls are made out of light, flaky Phyllo dough and stuffed with warm Feta cheese and herbs (the most predominant flavor other than Feta was dill). The Sigara Boregi made a great start to our meal and primed our palates for the Mediterranean flavors to follow.

For dinner, I chose the lamb kofte.

Ground lamb medallions are grilled and served with rice and cucumber yogurt sauce. I asked for mine spicy and the chili paste on top the lamb was truly a hot, yet flavorful, addition.

Matthew ordered the lamb shish kebab with yogurt.

Grilled chunks of lamb were served over Turkish bread cubes soaked in yogurt and tomato sauce. Somehow the bread was soft, but not mushy and the flavors all came together to make a very tasty plate.

For dessert, we couldn’t pass up the baklava.

Sweet, sticky, nutty deliciousness! Not only did I love the flavors of Turkish food, I loved the atmosphere at Anatolia Cafe. Their patio is surrounded by wrought-iron fence and flowers and is a nice urban oasis. This is on our “must return” list! Thanks to Shariq and Neda for introducing us to it.

On Wednesday, I had another new food experience at Walnut Wednesday. For those of you unfamiliar, every Wednesday in the summer, Walnut Avenue between East 9th and East 12th gets turned into a food truck and live music meca for the hungry lunch crowd.

I’d been to Walnut Wednesdays before, but this one was special because of Progressive’s #SaveItFwdCLE campaign. For tweeting about the campaign, you could get a voucher worth $10 at any of the Walnut Wednesday food trucks!

I love me a coupon

Thanks to Allison at Confessions of a CLE Habitant, I had a voucher waiting for me! So, I decided to try a new food truck (relatively new to CLE and completely new to me): Fired Up Taco Truck.

You can get 2 tacos for $6, which is plenty for a meal! I chose the chorizo taco and the Angus beef taco. The chorizo taco had black beans, pineapple, and cinnamon chipotle salsa. The Angus beef taco came with corn salsa, fried onion straws, and spicy aioli.

These are not your average taco toppings! I loved the uniqueness of the toppings and the taste of the tacos was superb. They were a little messy, but that’s how good street food should be! Also, I was there early, but Fired Up did a great job of getting your food up quickly, which is essential with a lunch crowd.

All in all, I’m so happy with my two new food experiences this week. Go check out Anatolia Cafe and Fired Up Taco Truck!

What’s a recent food find you had?

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  1. Anatolia cafe is so yummy – you were smart not to pass on the desserts! Did you like the decor? My firm designed it years ago! I used my free voucher from Progressive at Umani Moto, my fav truck in CLE. I’ll have to try fired up, though. Hodge Podge also has delicious fish tacos. Also, I made your pepperoni and zucchini pizza last night – it was amazing!!!! Looking forward to the leftovers for lunch 🙂

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