Why? Weekends!

Can you believe how this summer is flying by? I always say it, but time seems to be going faster and faster! On Friday night, Matthew and I headed over to Tammy at Miss WineOH‘s headquarters for a blind Viognier tasting.

The bottles were all wrapped and labeled with just a number. You tasted the wine and then voted with a green poker chip if you liked it, a red poker chip if you didn’t, or a white poker chip if you were on the fence. To go along with the wine, we had some delicious food made by Tammy’s daughter.

The pasta salad with poppyseed, strawberries, honeydew, and snow peas was probably my favorite dish of the evening. It was light and refreshing and paired well with the wines. As a confirmed red wine drinker, I found a couple Viognier’s that I really enjoyed that night, plus just had a great time sipping with old friends (like Crystal) and new!

Thanks to Tammy and Frank for hosting another great event!

On Saturday, we rolled out of the house bright and early to spend the day at Cedar Point. The “Tri-County Wives Club” (Amanda, Alicia, Kimberly, and myself) and our husbands spent the day at one of the best amusement parks in the world, that just happens to be very close to home.

From racing each other on the Gemini to cooling off on the Snake River Falls bridge to having a picnic in the parking lot for lunch and enjoying Famous Dave’s BBQ for dinner, we had a great day!

I used to be able to go on so many of the rides, but I’ve found I’m not the ride warrior I used to be. So, while most of the crew ended the day on the Raptor, Kimberly and I hit the arcade for some Skeeball, Whack-a-Chicken, and Zoltar fortune telling. You can still enjoy Cedar Point even if you don’t go on a lot of rides!

As we enjoyed massive scoops of Toft’s ice cream to end the day, we all sleepily agreed it was a great day in a fun place with fabulous friends. Which is exactly what a summer day should be…

How was your weekend, CLE? What new answers to Why CLE did you discover?

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  1. The real question of the day is, how in the world did Kimberly keep her strapless dress from flying off on those rides!! : ) Cedar Point is one of my favorites too.

    I can’t wait to make that pasta salad – it was my favorite too. Tammy daughter rocked it!!

  2. Smitten...in cleveland

    Oh my gosh, Crystal!!! I never even thought of that. Ha. That would have really been great. I got dressed thinking gauzy abd breezy would be the way to go since I’m such a baby in the heat.
    Someone neds to make that pasta salad ASAP – sounds fantastic.

  3. So glad y’all were able to make it over for the tasting, despite such a busy weekend. I’ll have those recipes up today. Looks like Cedar Point was a blast!

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