Why? Fresh Fork!

I was excited about this past week’s Fresh Fork Market bag from the moment we got the email telling us what was in it! So many great ingredients, so many great ways to use them. Here’s what we did with our Fresh Fork:

What We Got:

1 dozen pasture-raised chicken eggs

1 piece Havarti from Mayfield Road Creamery

2 ct zucchini

1 bunch beets

1 lb whole wheat linguini from Ohio City Pasta

6 ears sweet corn

2 bulb onions

1 lb apricots

What We Made:

Sweet Corn Pasta Sauce (click here for the recipe)

As much as I love sweet corn plain and simple off the cob, I wanted to find a way to incorporate it into a meal. This pasta sauce was light and packed with sweet corn flavor. I added shrimp to the sauce and served this over the whole wheat linguine for a great, not-too-heavy summer pasta option. If you’re making the entire pound of linguine, I would double the sauce recipe.

Ham and Havarti Panini with Jalapeno Butter (click here for the recipe)

Confession: I love kitchen gadgets/appliances. We have an underused panini maker, so when I saw the Havarti, I immediately wanted to make paninis with it. It was a homemade version of Melt! The Havarti was a nice mild compliment to the smoked ham and spicy kick of jalapeno.

Carrot Zucchini Saute (click here for the recipe)

An easy, quick-to-prepare way to use up some of our veggies (last week’s carrots, this week’s zucchini and onion). I served this on the side with the panini, but it would go great with any protein dish, as the flavors are very subtle.

Roasted Beets and Sauteed Beet Greens (click here for the recipe)

I like to use every part of the beet if I can and this recipe incorporated the whole thing. I made this on Sunday, since the beets take awhile to roast, to use for lunches during the week. I had a mix of golden beets and red beets from various Fresh Fork bags. Also, I did use the optional onion (from Fresh Fork) and red wine vinegar.

Fresh Apricots with Goat Cheese Mousse (click here for the recipe)

This was a nice, light dessert. The mousse had a very mild goat cheese flavor – just enough to give it a tang – and paired nicely with the apricots. While I did fill some of the apricots and drizzle the honey on top, the mousse also worked well simply as a dip for not just apricots, but a variety of fruit.

Apricot Ice Cream (click here for the recipe)

Matthew loves our ice cream maker and he is getting quite the reputation for making fantastic homemade treats. I told him this tasted like a creamsicle in heaven. ‘Nuff said.

What did you do with your Fresh Fork this week? If you’re not a Fresh Fork-er, what summer produce have you been enjoying most?

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  1. Seriously you are Super Woman for cooking all of these deee-lish dishes in this heat with such dedication. You go girl! And the sweet corn pasta sauce looks brilliant! Def must try. Thx for sharing all these wholesome recipes 🙂

  2. Aimee

    Not only do I wonder how you have all the time, but I wonder how you stay so thin between your eating/drinking events? Truly amazing.
    I love these Fresh Fork updates. I may have to sign up next year!

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