Why? Pad Thai!

I don’t remember the last time I had Asian food that wasn’t take-out. So I was excited to try Pad Thai in Hudson with my parents and Matthew. The interior is traditionally-decorated, spacious and well-lit, with an ample bar area and comfortable booths.

We started with cocktails, which are incredibly generous is portion size, as you can see.

I had the Thai mango mojito, which was very minty and pleasantly not too sweet.

Next up were appetizers. We shared the fresh basil roll, crab rangoon, and bon-bon shrimp.

The basil rolls had lots of cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots, with shrimp, chicken, and basil as well. You needed the spicy Thai sauce to add a kick to these rolls. The bon-bon shrimp had plenty of chili heat and were served over crispy rice noodles. Definitely my favorite of the appetizers!

For dinner, I chose the duck curry with green sauce.

The spice of the curry was nicely balanced by the coconut milk in the sauce. The dish was packed with veggies and the smokey flavor of the duck was a perfect match for the sauce.

The rest of the table had a range of entrees from spicy to mild. Matthew chose the Thai cashew chicken…

My mom chose the crispy pineapple chicken…

And my dad had the crispy shrimp with broccoli and water chestnuts.

The menu at Pad Thai is enormous and features everything from rice dishes to noodle dishes to curry. There’s something for everyone!

While we all loved our dinners, we were a bit disappointed with dessert. I decided to try Shankaya, a dessert with rice, coconut milk and custard.

While I was expecting something akin to rice pudding, I was disappointed with a sticky, flavorless dessert. Having never had Shankaya before, I can’t say if this is just Pad Thai’s version or what the dish normally tastes like. Either way, I’m glad I tried something new, even if it’s not for me.

My parents split the house specialty dessert of fried bananas with chocolate sauce, peanuts and coconut ice cream. The bananas were mushy and unfortunately somewhat flavorless as well.

While the desserts don’t earn rave reviews, we truly enjoyed our flavorful and generous entrees. There are lots of things on the menu we’d want to try, so I think a return trip is in the cards.

What’s your favorite Asian dish?

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  1. John

    Glad you liked it. I’ve only eaten in the restaurant twice, but it is our favorite takeout place. All of the curry dishes are great! My wife loves the General Tso’s, and my son the Sweet and Sour chicken.

  2. Thai mango mojito! Sounds yummmmy! Personally, I like to think of myself as a Pad Thai connoisseur. So I like to compare each version at every new Asian restaurant I try. Have you been to Peppermint Thai Cafe? Although the atmosphere is nothing to rave about–their food is awesome!! I think that’s a requirement for a good Asian restaurant 😉

  3. Smitten...in cleveland

    Always love how MommaG matches her polish to her cocktail. Please tell me you saved me a basil roll. They look superb. (as does everything else)

  4. Emily

    I think that Pad Thai is “okay”, but that Vieng’s in Westlake at Crocker Park is much better. Same company and essentially the same menu, but I feel like because they have more patrons, the food is fresher because of quicker turnover. The atmosphere and service is also much better at Vieng’s.

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