Why? Cleveland Indians Social Suite!

On Tuesday night, Matthew and I went to see the Cleveland Indians take on the Minnesota Twins. We were lucky enough to watch the game from the Social Suite, a spot that encourages fan participation in the game through Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Any fan can attend a game in the Social Suite and you can apply for a spot by clicking here.

We signed the banner in the suite with our Twitter handles and noticed more familiar past attendees than I could possibly name. It’s neat to look at everyone who has been to the Social Suite so far this season and realize what a powerful medium social media is with connecting fans both with the organization and each other.

Before the game started, we opted for dinner in the press dining room. If you’re in the Social Suite, for just $10 per person you can get your food from the press dining room. There were all-you-can-eat ballpark classics like hot dogs, hamburgers, and nachos, plus some more gourmet options. Tasty food and pretty cool to rub elbows with the reporters, too!

Then it was back to the suite to watch the game. We were joined that evening by @jpinnick and friend and the 4 members of @Biking4Baseball. Biking for Baseball is an organization biking from city to city across the country attending major league baseball games and hosting a baseball-centered youth mentoring activity in each city.

These guys are awesome and clearly have a passion for both baseball and helping kids. To find out more, follow their journey, and donate to the cause, check out their website.

Speaking of good works, it was also Fill the House night for the Cleveland APL. Over $20,000 was raised from ticket sales and in-kind donations. Fill the House nights are a great way to attend a game while helping a local charity. A portion of ticket proceeds are donated to the organization, at no additional ticket cost to you.

The next Fill the House night is Tuesday, August 28 to benefit United Way of Greater Cleveland, so consider making that your next evening at the ballpark.

I suppose I can’t talk about being at the game on Tuesday without mentioning that the team’s performance was a bit disappointing. Being an Indians fan is tough sometimes. Fans were clearly upset and there was quite a bit of booing of the Indians players. To each his own and I certainly understand the frustration with how the season has gone. But, personally, I can’t find it in my heart to boo the home team.

Down on that field is a little piece of our city. And, just like CLE itself, sometimes we get frustrated with it; we wish it could be better; we hope for change. As much as all those things are true, I won’t lessen the frustration, get my wish, or effect the change I want by booing. I totally understand the impulse, but it’s just not for me.

Check out an Indians game soon and use your voice in the stands and on social media to hopefully cheer for a team that gives us something to be proud of.

***Disclosure: I received 2 complimentary tickets to attend the Indians game in the Social Suite. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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