Why? Puppypalooza!

Hi guys! This is Tobey, CLEpup reporting to you about Cleveland Indians Puppypalooza. That’s when pups like me get to go to the ballpark! I was so excited: I went to Puppypalooza last year too and had so much fun! I couldn’t wait to do it again.

First, they had a fair where I got to meet Wally Waterdrop and the nice people from Q104.

I also met Jake the Diamond Dog. I want to be like Jake someday.

Then I got to walk around the field. I helped my new friend Tucker and my old friend Furio stay in line. I’m a very good dog like that.

After I got off the field, I got to meet my hero – Mustard. Mustard gets to be on the field all the time and he never cheats like that Ketchup guy. Mom says she likes Onion best because she has a purse like Mom’s. But for me, Mustard is the best!

Mom and Dad were excited because it was Dollar Dog Night. I think I should get more than a dollar. I try to help clean up when Mom spills stuff while cooking and I always go out when I’m told. I only ran away one time and I had a really good reason. But anyway, Dollar Dog I guess means the people eat really cheap. I got to have a “dog” too. I don’t like to call them that, though.

Then I was on the big TV. I was dancing to my favorite song. My Mom and I dance to it all the time. It’s about calling me about cookies…or something…

Anyway, Mom and Dad are the best for taking me to Puppypalooza.

***Disclosure from the blogkeeper: I was offered 1 human ticket and 1 dog ticket from the Cleveland Indians to attend Puppypalooza in the Social Suite. As always, all opinions are 100% my own. Or Tobey’s. As previously mentioned, I’m a crazy dog lady.***


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