Why? Hodge’s 2 for $40 Tuesday!

Last week, I had a long-awaited Girls’ Night Out on the calendar with some lovely ladies: Kimberly, Charlene, and Nadine. It was a Tuesday, so we headed to Hodge’s for one of the best deals in town. For $40, 2 people share one bottle of wine, one appetizer, and two entrees!

Girls Night Out photo op with Chef Chris Hodgson

We decided to 4-way split our appetizers, so we each got to taste the goat cheese and leek tart and the Swedish meatballs.

The goat cheese tart is made with Lucky Penny goat cheese and served with onion jam, arugula, and Parmesan. This appetizer is rich and creamy, with a nice light crust.

The Swedish meatballs are served with a pepper sauce and blackberry jam.

These are not the traditional, boring Swedish meatballs. They pack a ton of flavor and the mushroom gravy is plate-lickable.

For my entree, I chose the chicken schnitzel, served with beet spaetzel, roasted cauliflower and Shiitake mushrooms, and “super gravy.”

The chicken was moist, the breading was crisp, and the “super gravy,” well, I had to ask for more. This is a great dish that, like the Swedish meatballs, takes a traditional meal to a new level of taste and sophistication.

During the meal, Chef Chris Hodgson also showered us with some tasty off-menu treats to share. Luckily, our friend Kelly Ann joined us to help eat all this food! We got to sample halibut cheeks with curry sauce and dehydrated puffed rice…

Toro sashimi with jalapeno…

Beef carpaccio with bleu cheese mini baklava…

Sous vide hangar steak with pistachio puree…

And apple flan…

After this ridiculous amount of food, we pretty much had to be rolled off the patio and into our cars. Much thanks to Chef Hodgson for sharing these inventive and delicious creations with us! I hope to see some of these dishes on the Hodge’s menu soon!

Even without all the “extras,” the 2 for $40 Tuesday special at Hodge’s is a great deal. You get a ton of high quality, delicious food and wine for an incredibly reasonable price. Check it out some Tuesday evening, hopefully while the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the lovely patio too!

***Disclosure: While at Hodge’s, Chef Hodgson sent out the halibut, toro, beef carpaccio, hangar steak, and flan for our table to sample. The rest of the food and beverages were chosen and paid for by our table. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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