Why? A Present from My Husband!

***A bit of blogkeeping: Today is my birthday. I thought about doing another list of things to accomplish during the year, but instead decided that I know what those things are and would rather take the day off, blog-wise. So, I asked my husband to write a guest post for me. I talk about him on here all the time, but I wanted you to hear something in his voice, which I love so much.***

I’ve lived my whole life in North Eastern Ohio and in the Cleveland area.  Cleveland has been home, but no more a part of my life and my being than any other city.  But, thanks to Jen and the Why CLE? blog and the opportunities and adventures it has taken us on, I can honestly say I’ve become a true proponent of this city.  Thank you my love, my dear blogger wife.


So, Happy        &        on your birthday!!!

I know this year will be a fantastic one for you and for us and hopefully for Cleveland too!

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