Why? Weekends!

It was a busy pre-holiday weekend in Cleveland! Friday night, my co-workers and I decided to warm up with some cheap ramen and beer at Noodlecat.

Noodlecat has one of the best happy hours in town, with half-priced ramen and salads, $2 steam buns, and $3 draft beers from 3-7pm and 9-11pm every weekday. On Friday, the drafts weren’t working, so management graciously discounted bottled beers. $3 for Thirsty Dog Pumpkin Ale? Yes, please!

I couldn’t resist my favorite ramen: Roscoe’s Fried Chicken and Ramen. I liberally added more hot sauce and had a bowl of deliciousness to warm me up through and through.

I still haven’t figured out how to eat a fried chicken breast in a bowl of ramen without making a mess, though! I also enjoyed one of the Butcher’s Bun steam buns (Friday’s selection was duck) and the Danko’s donuts. All that great food and three beers later, I only paid $25 with tip. My co-workers were equally thrilled with the food and the price. It was a fun start to the weekend!

Saturday evening, Matthew and I headed to our friends Beth and Enzo’s house for a Halloween party. Beth and Enzo hadn’t hosted a Halloween party since the year I almost accidentally set their basement on fire (very small fire, very quickly put out) and while they say that has nothing to do with it, I was on my best behavior to not start any other conflagrations.

Matthew and I weren’t feeling costume-y, so we simply recycled our super hero t-shirts from Amanda‘s themed birthday party.

Our friend Melissa was the most creative with her “50 Shades of Grey” costume – complete with 50 different grey paint sample cards pinned to her.

We had a great time just relaxing with friends, sipping spiked apple cider, and watching campy horror movies (Seriously, it’s a category on Netflix – check it out!). Hopefully the fire-free evening will make this party a yearly occurrence once again!

Sunday, I attended a baby shower for my college friend Tracy at La Vera Party Center. Tracy and I met freshman year in college and have stayed close ever since. In fact, our whole table was full with friends who all lived in the same dorm our freshman year at John Carroll.

We enjoyed lots of great Italian food, a game of baby shower bingo, and some very tasty cassata cake, all to help welcome Tracy and Luca’s soon-to-arrive baby girl.

She will certainly have a lot of love in her life!

Meanwhile, Matthew and his buddy Jason bundled up and headed to the Browns-Chargers game.

While I think they had a better time at the bars, considering the weather, they were happy the Browns were able to pull off a win.

How was your weekend, Cleveland? Did you pre-celebrate for Halloween?

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      1. Jen

        Thanks for sharing that picture, and thank you to all the all the JCU ’03 girls for adopting me yesterday afternoon 🙂

        (Hi Kerri!)

  1. Noodlecat Happy Hour is one of the best kept secrets.. I don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of their awesome deals more often! The fried chicken steamed bun is my fave. Actually, don’t think I’ve had a bad steamed bun there once. All so delish!!! Could totally go for one right meow. BTW I love your pumpkin carving! This was the first year I did a “stencil” and stepped outside of my standard scary pumpkin face. Although not as intricate as your awesome witch, I was pretty pumped for my spooky cat! 🙂 Love me some Halloweeeeen!

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