Why? West Side Market People’s Party!

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This weekend, one of Cleveland’s most beloved institutions – the West Side Market – celebrated its 100th birthday in grand style. On Saturday night, chefs from Cleveland and all over the country hosted a spectacular Centennial Gala. From what social media showed me, it looked like quite an event!

On Friday night, Cleveland Food Rocks brought together Cleveland chefs to host the “People’s Party” at the gorgeous Crop Bar and Bistro. The reasonable ticket price of $25, the promise of lots of great food, and the desire to fete the West Side Market drew nearly 1,000 people to the event.

As Matthew and I entered the party, we were greeted with a cup of Crop Punch, a sweet red alcoholic concoction. We quickly found one of our favorites, AMP 150, serving up playful peanut butter and jelly’s and delicious squash soup.

Squash soup was a popular choice, as Sow Food also served up a tasty squash soup with Thai spice and cilantro foam. I found a little corner of heaven with tables from Noodlecat (sobe noodles with mushrooms), Ohio City Pasta (lobster mac ‘n cheese), and Lake Erie Creamery (goat cheese sundaes) all next to each other.

Hello, lover…

Other favorites of the evening: our discovery of a new food truck, Slanegwiches, who had a very tasty short rib and mushroom offering and were some of the sweetest people we chatted with that night; Crop‘s spot-on creamy polenta and tender brisket; and catching up with Chef Kimberly McCune Gibson, whose Rehive Ale will be available at Heinen’s as of Wednesday!

There was live music upstairs, a DJ downstairs, and a little bit of this from the fellas at Market Garden Brewery:

A party isn’t a party without plenty of friends! Even in the crowd, we got to see Lisa, Michelle, Katrina, Mark, Julie and Todd, Mason, JoeCharlene, Kimberly and Chris!

It was also great to see how much the People’s Party raised for the West Side Market: $25,000 just from ticket sales and there was also a charity raffle going on at the event. It was a fun, food-filled celebration fit for a 100th birthday! Cleveland loves our West Side Market!

Did you go to the People’s Party or the Centennial Gala (or both)?

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