Why? Fabulous Food Show!

Part of my weekend was spent in what has become a yearly tradition: checking out the Fabulous Food Show at the I-X Center. This huge exhibition featuring over 500 vendors, celebrity chef shows, cooking demonstrations, and wine and beer tastings has become a very popular event.

Before we hit the Guy Fieri show in Main Kitchen Theater, my parents and I spent some time wandering around all the tables filled with food and drink to sample and purchase.

Some of our favorites:

Maple Leaf Farms, which served up a tasty duck sample with an apricot barbecue sauce.

strEat Mobile Bistro, Umami Moto, Zydeco Bistro, and Sweet! Mobile Cupcakery in the Food Truck cafe.

P.O.C.’s Pierogi Market, which had both traditional and gourmet pierogi to take home, as well as ones to try (I loved the white cheddar garlic pierogi).

Vegan Eats, which featured delicious vegan soups like Thai Sweet Potato and Creamy Corn Chowder, all available for purchase at Heinen’s.

Watershed Distillery, which served up a tasty cocktail of vodka, pear juice, and apple cider that was perfect for fall.

Beanilla, which had vanilla beans, extract, and make-your-own-extract kits for sale. Just in time for holiday baking!

Sabrosa Salt, which sold spiced sea salts. I chose the Fired Up salt and the Lemon Dill salt for cooking at home.

HeARTworks, which sold aprons made by people with developmental disabilities, with all proceeds benefiting HeARTworks’ mission. I bought an adorable “Official Cookie Taster” holiday apron for my niece.

Playhouse Square and Topped with Buttercream Cupcakes, which had not only the so sweet Stephanie Anderson and her fabulous cupcake-making sister, but also a drag queen from the upcoming Priscilla Queen of the Dessert show and chocolate cookie dough cupcakes that were sinfully delicious.

After all that, we headed over to see the Guy Fieri show in Main Kitchen Theater. One of my favorite parts of the Fabulous Food Show is the chance to watch some of your celebrity chef favorites at work up close and personal.

Guy prepared a pork banh mi sandwich and a drink he called the “Boozy Creamsicle,” which I definitely want to replicate at home. He also spent time talking about his foundation, Cooking With Kids, which is dedicated to teaching kids how to cook and use healthy, natural ingredients.

Guy Fieri is my Dad’s favorite Food Network chef, so I was so excited to be able to use my media passes to take Dad to see the show.

Earlier that day, while we were walking around the I-X Center, Dad and I spotted who we thought was Guy Fieri. Dad got a picture and an autograph from “Guy.”

Dad and a guy (not Guy)

When he walked away, Dad commented that “Guy” wasn’t as nice or as knowledgeable as he thought he’d be and maybe he had a late night. When we went to see Guy Fieri’s show, we realized that we, along with a lot of other people at the Fabulous Food Show, had taken pictures with a Guy Fieri look-alike.

While both Dad and I think it makes a funny story, it is a bit disappointing that the look-alike wasn’t very personable. From what we saw at the show, the real Guy Fieri is quite friendly, so hopefully his look-alike doesn’t give him a bad name!

It was another fun year at the Fabulous Food Show, with something for everyone. I really enjoy how the accessibility to the celebrity chef shows and the wine and beer tastings has increased over the years. Be sure to check out the Fabulous Food Show next year!

***Disclosure: I was asked by the I-X Center to help promote the Fabulous Food Show. In exchange, I received 2 Media Passes to the show. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***

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