Why? Weekends!

***A bit of blogkeeping: There are no words to express the heartbreak I’m sure we’re all feeling in the wake of Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut. The local United Way in Newtown has established the Sandy Hook School Support Fund and I encourage you to contribute in whatever way you can.

This light, happy weekend recap is written with full knowledge of how blessed I am to be able to have a light, happy weekend.***

We’re in the last week before Christmas! Are you feeling the crazy, cheery, busy rush like I am? I had Friday off this past weekend, so I decided to take advantage by both being productive and taking a little time for myself.

I haven’t been practicing yoga as much lately. There are a number of reasons, some valid, some not as valid as to why. So, with a whole day free and the guilt of a lot of cookie eating hanging over me, I decided to get back to class. I checked out Harmony Yoga since it’s close to home. They have a new-student deal of $10 for 10 days unlimited, so I’ll be cramming in as many classes as I can over the next week or so.

Image Source - harmonyyogastudios.com
Image Source – harmonyyogastudios.com

The power vinyasa class gave me the kick in the yogi behind I needed. When you’re holding flipped dog for 10 breaths or flowing from one-legged chair to eagle to dancer to standing splits, you remember you haven’t done this in awhile. I definitely miss practicing regularly!

After class on Friday, I met up with Elizabeth from the Lake County Visitor’s Bureau to chat about blogs. We went to the recently-opened Melt Bar and Grilled in Mentor. The only times I’ve been to Melt, I’ve stuffed myself with enough bread and cheese for a week. This time, I chose a bowl of the soup of the day and Elizabeth (a girl after my own heart) had the pierogi appetizer.

photo 1I got a pack of Goldfish crackers with my soup and we were watching Scooby Doo during lunch: childhood perfection! The soup of the day was a sausage chowder with chorizo, smoked sausage, and banana peppers – spicy, hearty, and delicious! Those pierogi looked pretty fantastic too! Plus, I had a great time connecting with another local social media gal. Elizabeth and I have some collaborations in the works, so stay tuned!

Friday evening, Matthew and I had my family over for dinner to show off the Christmas decorations and have part of Grandpa’s 88th birthday celebration.

photo 4Aside from dinner and cake, we also whipped up some eggnog martinis with Hartzler Family Dairy eggnog, which I think is the absolute best you can find. The recipe is so simple too: 3 parts eggnog, 1 part Kraken Black Spiced Rum, and a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Cheers!

photo 3Saturday was a mix of holiday shopping and a much-needed evening at home with dinner, Christmas Ale, and catching up on the DVR.

Sunday, Matthew and I went to the Straight No Chaser concert at Playhouse Square. I’ve loved a Capella music since college and Straight No Chaser has become one of my favorites. On stage, the group is playful and funny, but also incredibly talented!

The second half of the show was dedicated to holiday music. Seeing the theaters all decorated for Christmas, plus listening to the beautiful, fun, festive songs definitely put me in the Christmas spirit.


One of my favorite Christmas songs by Straight No Chaser is called Christmas Can-Can, which is light-hearted look at all the holiday craziness. It can make me laugh, even when driving through the crazy traffic near the malls. Since Straight No Chaser encouraged photos, video, and even took a Twitter break during the show, I figured I’d share a video of Christmas Can-Can I took at yesterday’s show:

After the concert, we met up with my family for Grandpa’s birthday part 2 at Carrie Cerino’s. This is one of those places I get to once a year for Grandpa’s birthday, but I always really enjoy it. I had the veal a la Tosca, which is pounded veal medallions with an egg and lemon breading, served with fettuccine alfredo. Very tasty, plus I have tons of leftovers for lunch during the week!

IMG_5019It was a great end to a lovely weekend full of family, food, and pre-holiday fun! How was your weekend, CLE? Oh, and have you entered to win my blogiversary giveaway? Today is the last day!

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