Why? Your Reasons Why CLE!

I was originally just going to announce the winner of the blogiversary giveaway and then move on with a different post, but the reasons you left in the comments as to why you love Cleveland were so thoughtful and honest and just great that I wanted to share them in a post:


The Food

“I’m going to say that I love Cleveland’s amazing FOOD! Not just restaurants but farmer’s markets, CSA’s, Fresh Fork and of course the West Side Market that I find myself going less and less to an actual grocery store unless it’s for things like cereal and gum.”  – Eat*Drink*Cleveland

I’ve certainly expanded my palate with the fabulous restaurants, but I’ve also really learned the value of locally-grown ingredients from having access to things like the West Side Market and Fresh Fork.

The Arts

“… it’s accessible arts community – we have a variety of theatre choices without being overwhelmed, that’s also fairly affordable. Our Art Museum is free (whoo-hoo!) and places like Near West Theatre really encourage the idea of community involvement in the arts.”Amanda

Not only do we incredible access to the arts, we have a huge base of supporters, from the large Playhouse Square Partners membership to the Jump Back Ball sell-out to the enormous participation in community-theater shows.


“I love CLE because its changed for me and with me. I studied here as a grad student, lived here as a young professional, and now am raising kids here. It fits every facet of my life!” – Bethany

When I saw Bethany’s comment, I was so happy to see someone else verbalize what I feel so deeply for Cleveland. I was born here, I was young and single here, I started my career here, I’m married and embarking on new phases of my life here. In every time, Cleveland just fits me and has something different and special to offer.

The Six-Degrees-of-Cleveland

“My favorite thing about CLE is also sometimes my least favorite…that everyone knows someone who like, lived next door to your dad’s great aunt, or went to school with your boyfriend’s cousin’s wife….but that what makes it truly feel like home!” – Katie

It’s true! You can’t go anywhere without running into someone who used to walk your neighbor’s dog. But Katie’s right, it makes it feel like home. It makes it feel like you belong. And for a boomerang especially, it helps make the coming back home a bit easier.

The People

“I love Cleveland for its people – so down-to-earth, culturally diverse and with wonderful hearts!”Kristian

“Why I love CLE? The people for sure – it just feels like home (which it’s always been of course) but it’s something most cities don’t have.”lifeinthecle

“Plain and simple the best thing about Cleveland is my family. It is home – always has been and always will be!”Cleveland Chick

Yes! We can have the culture and the food and the institutions and the infrastructure and the homes, but it’s the people of Cleveland being themselves – the warm, giving, salt-of-the-earth people – that will ultimately attract new residents and retain those who already live here.


“What’s there not to love about Cleveland?! I love EVERYTHING! The food, the lake, sports, people, seasons, corporate scene, art, traditions, newness…I love it all!” – Kirsten

“I love Cleveland because there’s always something to do, a game to go to or an event. I’m so glad I’ve moved here!”Emily

Well, everything is good too…


Now onto the winner, chosen via random.org. Congratulations to Cleveland Chick (Comment #16), winner of the Cleveland ornament! Please check your email and respond by the end of the day or a new winner will be chosen.

Thanks to all of you for entering, for your awesome reasons “Why CLE?,” and for your sweet blogiversary wishes!

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  1. LOVE this post! Every response took the words out of my mouth. I think the way Cleveland celebrates the holidays – Winterfest, Winter Wine & Ale Fest, lighting up Public Square, etc – also deserves a mention. I love that I can say I’m #homeinCLE. Means much more to me than a holiday hashtag 🙂

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