Why? Fresh Fork!

With all the holiday parties and eating out, I was amazed we still found time over the last couple weeks to cook with our Fresh Fork Market food!

What We Got:

photo 3

1 pork shoulder

2# homemade sauerkraut

1 dozen pasture-raised chicken eggs

1 lb carrots

Approx 2 lbs parsnips

2 pie pumpkins

1 lb colored heirloom beans, dried

12 oz grassfed swiss cheese

1 bag stir fry mix of greens, radishes, and leeks

5 lb bag white kennebec potatoes

1 head broccoli

1 head cabbage

What We Made:

Note that many of these recipes were made with previous weeks’ food. For what we got those weeks, click here.

Slow Cooked Whole Chicken and Vegetables (click here for the recipe)

photo 1

This made a wonderful, easy dinner. Everything goes in the slow cooker and comes out tender and flavorful. The only “non-Fresh Fork” ingredients when I made this were the seasonings and the chicken broth. Also, I substituted onion for the celery called for in the recipe.

Spicy Macaroni and Cheese with Chorizo Sausage (click here for the recipe)

photoThis made a perfect winter dinner: hearty, spicy, and entirely delicious. The chorizo and pepper jack cheese gave this dish the right amount of heat. Matthew loved the roasted cherry tomatoes in this too. An all-around hit and just as good leftover.

Egg Strata (click here for the recipe)

photo 5

This was an easy, tasty brunch that I made for Matthew and my father-in-law on Christmas Eve. This recipe can be made the night before if you’re going for an early breakfast, too. While the recipe said to bake for 45 minutes, it took almost an hour and 15 minutes before the strata was fully baked.

Sweet Potato Casserole (click here for the recipe)

IMG_5061I made this as a side dish for the TWChristmas party and it complimented Alicia‘s stuffed pork tenderloin perfectly. I left off the streusel topping since Alicia is gluten-free.

Shredded Brussels Sprouts (click here for the recipe)

photo 4

Anything with bacon has to be good, right? After having shredded Brussels sprouts at Deagan’s Kitchen, I wanted to replicate that texture with our sprouts. This made a great side dish with simply-prepared chicken breasts.

How have you been using your Fresh Fork winter share?

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