Why? The Oak Barrel!

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On Tuesday, I met up with some of my favorite blogger betties for Taco Tuesday (I really love alliteration) at The Oak Barrel.


Chef Demetrios Atheneos, formerly of Deagan’s Kitchen, opened his own restaurant recently and we were excited to check it out, particularly for his much-talked-about taco offerings. On Tuesdays, the special menu features $2 and $3 tacos, which is a steal for the nicely sized gourmet tacos that have plenty of toppings.

But first, we started with drinks and duck fat popcorn. Yes, duck fat popcorn,


This ridiculously rich, fatty, decadent popcorn is a must-try! Eat it fast though (as if you could help yourself) because otherwise you will have some soggy popcorn. I struggled with selecting just one from the massive and diverse craft beer list, but finally settled on the Weihenstephaner Hefewiess. It reminds me a bit of La Fin du Monde, but much easier drinking. In other words, delicious.

Then it was taco time. I chose the ahi tuna, the Amish chicken with roasted peppers, and the special of the day, the Ohio beef cheeseburger.


The chicken had a nice heat from the roasted peppers and the addition of the pork lardons to the beef taco was great. But the ahi tuna was my favorite. Light and fresh, with avocado and a soy glaze, I would definitely make this a standard in my Taco Tuesday rotation.

We’re not the kind of girls who pass up dessert (or stealing other people’s desserts), so I got the Dragon’s Milk brownie sundae.


If you like Dragon’s Milk beer, do not pass this up!

Overall, we had a tasty, unhurried dinner. The Oak Barrel occupies the old Hoggy’s space in Valley View, but the inside has been revamped into a trendy, yet welcoming, atmosphere, with a lot of dark wood and stone. And there is an amazing firepit and patio area that I can’t wait to try out in better weather! This offers a great option in an area somewhat overrun by chain restaurants and less inventive menus.

Have you tried The Oak Barrel yet? Where is your favorite spot for Taco Tuesday?


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  1. Oh yes I have been to the Oak Barrel — and love it! Opening night was amazing and every time since has been great too. Another fun dining option in the area is the Lockkeepers Happy Hour. I’m so glad the Oak Barrel is so close to my house…but it’s dangerously close!

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