Why? Match Works Tavern!

***A bit of blogkeeping: Happy birthday to my wonderful, fabulous, best friend of a Mom! I love you!***

You know those restaurants that just become special occasion spots? Matthew and I have always felt that way about Match Works Tavern. I’m not sure how we discovered it, but we’ve celebrated an anniversary, a birthday, and our rehearsal dinner there. We love the food and the atmosphere and the people.

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So, it seemed an easy choice when deciding where to go for Valentine’s Day to return to one of our favorites. We started out with sharing the Maryland crab cake, with a spicy chorizo hash underneath.


The chorizo hash added texture and heat that you don’t expect from a crab cake and really elevated this dish.

For entrees, Matthew chose the Berkshire pork chop, with Guinness mustard sauce and a side of bacon mac ‘n cheese. Mmm, piggy!


The pork was tender, the mustard sauce added just the right sour bite, and you had to hold me back from stealing all his mac ‘n cheese. Delicious!

I chose the beef short rib, with whipped potatoes and carrot emulsion. Match Works was featured in Cleveland Magazine in 2011 as having the best short ribs in town, so this has become my go-to order in our go-to place.


I know I love the short rib, so what really delighted me last night was the somewhat spicy, gingery carrot emulsion and the large mushroom caps with the rich beef gravy. The “little” things on the plate matter just as much as the “big” things!

Denise, one of the owners, graciously treated us to dessert after catching up with us on married life and reminiscing about our rehearsal dinner. I chose the classic creme brulee and Matthew had a warm cobbler-like dish with pineapple, mango, and coconut caramel, topped with vanilla bean ice cream.


This dessert was like a taste of summertime (or somewhere tropical). All in all, it was another wonderful meal at Match Works Tavern. Anywhere I can relax, reminisce, and look forward with my husband is a great place to celebrate Valentine’s Day to me!

Where is your go-to special occasion location? I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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  1. PLP

    Sweet! When I think of your RD two memories come to mind – all the bridesmaids giggling about Enzo in chaps and Matthew’s incredibly heartfelt toast to his bride 🙂

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