Why? Pure Barre!

This week, I’ve been using my one week unlimited pass to Pure Barre in Avon. I have heard people raving about the workout and I was excited to get a boost in my routine, since I’ve definitely been feeling in a winter slump.

I was a bit apprehensive going into my first class. I’m not the most athletic or coordinated person. I’ve found my exercise comfort zone with yoga and even feel like a bit of a yogi bad-a** some days, but new workouts intimidate me. I also know that if I feel ridiculous doing something (a la Zumba class), I’m really unlikely to stick with it. So, I was feeling nervous about all the mirrors and feeling less like everyone was just “on their own mat.”

Your PB gear - mat, tube, weights, and the "evil red ball"
Your PB gear – mat, tube, weights, and the “evil red ball”

I took classes with JoJo and Lori this week. The first few minutes into class, my apprehension started to dissipate as I focused more on completing the workout and less on what I looked like in the mirror. My second class this week, I ran into an old friend from college and being in class with a friendly face definitely helped. I think if Pure Barre offered a 10-minute primer for newcomers on the basic moves, it would help even more.

I found some of the stretches very similar to yoga poses like prayer twist, standing splits, and dancing camel. But the rest of the workout was very different. The pace and energy level reminded me more of a spin class. And, unlike yoga, rather than trying to go deep into poses, Pure Barre works and tones with small, isometric movements.

PB ABs 1

You think that small movements don’t make a difference? Just wait until your thighs start burning and shaking! I felt “the burn” most in my thighs and gluts and can imagine the difference a regular Pure Barre routine would make in those areas.

While I found the classes challenging, the Pure Barre locations in northeast Ohio (Hudson and Avon) are both a bit far to make them part of my regular workout routine. But for something high energy and definitely intense on certain areas of your body, Pure Barre is a good option.

Lori_0078 copy

I would suggest signing up for more than one class to start. I got more out of my second class than my first, because I knew more of what to expect, wasn’t as nervous, and was able to push myself further.

This month, Pure Barre Avon has a “Cupcake Special” of 2 classes for $30 and a “Cake Special” of 2 months unlimited for $300. Drop-in classes are $20 and a 10-class pass is $180. Regular Pure Barre classes are not a small financial commitment, but, as I found with yoga, if you like the workout and get a lot out of it both physically and mentally, it can really be worth it. To check out the schedule and to purchase and register for classes, click here.

Have you tried Pure Barre? What did you think of the evil red ball?

***Disclosure: I was the randomly-selected winner of Pure Barre’s Facebook giveaway for a one-week unlimited pass. All photos provided by Pure Barre. As always, all opinions and workout neuroses are entirely my own.***


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  1. As my workouts are not Pure Barre 4-5 times a week and running 2-3 times a week I am thinking about giving up my gym membership at LA Fitness to pay for monthly passes at Pure Barre in Avon. Since going the first week of February I have lost serious inches and am down 5 lbs.

  2. I love Pure Barre! I’m in the middle of a 20 in 30 challenge at my studio…only 8 more classes to go. I was definitely intimidated at first too by all the mirrors/price, but after I started seeing such great results so quickly, it didn’t bother me anymore.

    That position above with the ball is my arch nemesis 😉

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