Why? Fresh Fork!

It’s been awhile since I share some Fresh Fork Market-inspired recipes, so I have two weeks of winter share goodies to tell you about.

What We Got:


1 whole freedom ranger chicken

3 lbs rutabagas

3 lbs Yukon gold potatoes

1 lb carrots

0.5 lb dried dragon-tongue beans

2 bulbs kohlrabi

1/2 lb honey puffed spelt and corn cereal

1 lb beets

2 quarts frozen cauliflower

1 pint frozen peas

1 winter squash

1 package Berkshire pork chops

2 pint frozen green beans

1 half pint sorghum syrup

1.5 lbs rolled oats

3 lbs turnips

1 quart Velvet View yogurt

1 quart frozen strawberries

1 half pint fig roasted cherry tomatoes

2 pints blackberries

1 lb pumpkin and cracked black pepper linguini

1 lb carrots

What We Made:

Ham Pot Pie (click here for the recipe)

photo 1

Pot Pie has to be one of the ultimate winter comfort foods. Matthew made this for dinner one Sunday and not only did the whole house smell good while it was cooking, it also tasted delicious! Packed with Fresh Fork veggies and topped with savory biscuits, this is one of my favorite recipes we’ve made this season. We substituted skim milk for the cream called for in the recipe to make this a bit healthier, too.

Chesapeake Crab and Gruyere Cheese Macaroni (click here for the recipe)

photo 3

Matthew and I observe the tradition of not eating meat on Fridays during Lent. But that’s pretty easy to do with a tasty seafood dish like this one. With four different kinds of cheese and lots of crab meat, this was a decadent treat. Two substitutions: I used penne pasta instead of elbow macaroni and I used mozzarella instead of Swiss cheese.

Rutabaga and Carrot Puree (click here for the recipe)

photo 5The last time I made rutabaga puree, it had a ton of cheese and butter in it and, while delicious, didn’t taste a whole lot like rutabaga. This simple recipe allowed the natural sweetness of the carrot and rutabaga to really come through.

Honey Vanilla Blueberry Granola (click here for the recipe)

photo 6I love using the Fresh Fork rolled oats to make homemade granola. This recipe, with honey and agave syrup, made a sweet and crunchy addition to our Velvet View yogurt. I threw some of the fresh blackberries in too, for a taste of summer. I didn’t have any flax seed, so I used poppy seed instead.

How have you been using your Fresh Fork winter share?


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  1. We skipped the winter FF this year, but I recently visited New Creation Farm, one of their suppliers. I refer to them as the “home of the most delicious pork chops EVER!” We came home with lots of delicious treats-pork chops, bacon, beef, Stutzman Farms cereal and oats and farm fresh eggs. It was so neat to take my kids to see one of the actual farms that provides us with such great food.

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