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***A bit of blogkeeping: While I’m soaking up the sun on vacation, I’ve asked some great Cleveland blogger pals to guest post for me. Today we have Jess from Always JAM in CLE. Jess has such a wonderful, positive outlook on life and truly loves CLE! Enjoy her guest post and check out her blog for even more great stuff!***

One of my earliest memories of the Cleveland Museum of Art is now hysterical to me as an adult.  Ice cream cones and Egyptians. My mom is an art history professor and used to tote me along with her to the exhibits and museums when I was a kid. I remember going to see an exhibit (of ancient pharaohs and Egyptians) and after twirling around in the huge gallery I turned and blurted out to her my own art observation…. “Mom, why do all these guys have ice cream cones on their chins?”

Image source: Christopher Pledger http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/egypt/2659871/Twins-found-in-Tutankhamuns-tomb.html

I’d say that’s a valid question from a 5 year old…!

We still laugh about the story today, but the early exposure and access to the arts has lead me to have a deep appreciation and interest in the vibrant art community we have here in Cleveland.

Recently my entire family visited the museum to check out the new exhibit, “The Last Days of Pompeii: Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection”, which runs now until July 7th.

Last Days of Pompeii
Image Source – JAM in CLE

For the History and Art Lovers

The Pompeii show was so incredible! And the history of the ancient city is absolutely fascinating! If you are a history buff or interested in a new perspective of the famous volcanic eruption and mysterious city, you should definitely check out this exhibit! “Pompeii and the other ancient cities destroyed and paradoxically preserved by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in ad79 are usually considered the places where one can best and most directly experience the daily lives of ancient Romans. Rather than presenting these sites as windows to the past, this exhibition explores them as a modern obsession. (Quote source) From Andy Warhol’s iconic pop style to the eerie castings of bodies and animals from Pompeii, the show captures the historical event with a new modern and artistic perspective.

 For the Architects and Sun-lovers

Also, this was my first time being back to the museum since the new atrium has opened. It.is.STUNNING. This space should be considered a work of art itself! The museum has been undergoing a massive expansion and renovation and this space does not disappoint! I could sit here with a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning and just take in the sunshine filtering in and casting slanted shadows.

Image Source – JAM in CLE
Image Source – JAM in CLE

For the Young Professionals

The museum’s newly formed young professionals affiliate group, Column and Stripe, hosts a monthly event to engage the younger audience with the arts scene called MIX First Friday Happy Hours. The atrium space transforms into a pumping scene of live music, mingling, arts, culture and cocktails! Click here for information about the next MIX event.

For the Techies and Touchers

Visitors at most museums learn early on that you do NOT touch anything at museums and do not get too close to the artwork. Well not with this new hands-on exhibit! “Gallery One” encourages visitors to interact with the nearly 3,500 objects in the museum’s permanent collection through a giant multi-touch screen. You create your own tour by flipping through images and moving the tiles along yourself. You can even bring along your iPad and use the ArtLens app to learn more about the pieces.

Image Source - JAM in CLE
Image Source – JAM in CLE

For Families

The museum truly offers something for people of all ages, including families. The second Sunday of each month is “Family Day” and families can bring their little ones to the museum for make-and-take activities and learn more about art. Hey, maybe your child will  get an early start on her art education and bridge the connection between ancient art and tasty ice cream cones too!

The Cleveland Museum of Art is a gem in our great land of CLE. So if you haven’t checked out the newly renovated space, you have several reasons now to go, learn, explore, interact, mingle and dream!

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  1. We’ve done most things in Cleveland thus far with Drew but haven’t gone there with him yet! Derek and I both have and enjoyed it so maybe it’s time we venture there with Drew. Thanks for the info Jess!

  2. Oh my goodness, I definitely need to go to this! I’ve always found Pompeii + Mount Vesuvius intriguing. Also, that atrium is gorgeous! I’m also super interested in learning about the new young professionals group – I will definitely have to check that out!

  3. I love the art museum. I love that it’s free too because then when I take the kids, we can enjoy it as long as they want to stay, and when they are done, we can leave and I don’t feel like I had to stay to get my moneys worth! It’s breathtaking there too! This is one of my favorite things about Clevland as well!

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