Why? Weekends!

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It was another busy weekend of friends and family in the CLE! On Friday evening, Matthew and I met up with Amanda, Scott, Kate, and Brian at Dante. We had won $100 in gift certificates from our Playhouse Square Partners’Trivia Night victory and finally were cashing in our winnings.

I hadn’t been to Dante in awhile and now we were there two weekends in a row! Luckily, there is plenty on the menu to tempt me. Matthew and I started with the Maine lobster spring roll, with butternut squash, shiitake, and ginger sauce. The spring roll had huge chunks of lobster and the delicate vegetable and ginger flavors all stayed distinct enough to identify and enjoy.


For dinner, Matthew had the bone-in strip loin, served with oyster mushrooms and a horseradish potato puree. I had an appetizer size of the pasta special, which was ricotta cavatelli with lamb ragu sauce, and a tasting size of the pasta carbonara with poached egg and pancetta.


Matthew’s steak was absolutely delicious: perfectly cooked and seasoned. I loved the pasta special with tender lamb and hint of mint in the sauce, but felt that the carbonara tasted a bit flat. For dessert, I ordered another special for the evening: a chocolate mousse with sesame crunch and ginger ice cream.


One of the things I love about dining at Dante is getting both Asian and Italian-influenced dishes in one meal. It was a tasty and fun evening!

On Saturday, I went up to John Carroll University to speak to potential incoming JCU freshman on a panel called “JCU: Preparing You for the Future.” The incoming freshman class will be the class of 2017! Having just registered for my 10-year reunion, that number gave me pause. But, I got over that and was happy to be able to talk about the role JCU played and still plays in my life.


From there, I continued the college theme for the day by attending a christening party for my college friend Tracy’s daughter, Nina. It’s hard to believe that a bunch of us who met as freshman are now celebrating children’s lives milestones together.


The christening party was held at Gambitta’s Party Center and was quite the affair. Tracy’s husband Luca comes from a large Italian family, so the parties tend to be big, filling, and fun. And Nina, the star of the show, was a very well-behaved and entirely adorable guest of honor!


On Sunday, my friend Katie and I started the day at Harmony Yoga for a power vinyasa class, where I saw this, which I just love:

photo 1

Oh yoga studio chalkboard, you are so full of wisdom!

Later that day, we celebrated Easter with Matthew’s side of the family, a week late so everyone could attend. As usual, it was a blast playing with our nieces and spoiling them with Easter treats. The weather was so nice and we took the kids outside for an Easter egg hunt and lots of drawing with chalk.

I love her face. Pure amazement at the wonder of the Easter egg.

How was your weekend? Are you still involved, formally or informally, with your college?

***Disclosure: I am the VP of Special Initiatives for the John Carroll University Cleveland Alumni Chapter and a member of the Class of 2003 Reunion Committee. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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