Why? Ohio Blogging and Goose Island!

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Last night, the Ohio Blogging Association was treated to yet another wonderful tasting experience at Whole Foods Market – Cedar Center. This time, we indulged in a beer and chocolate pairing featuring vintage Goose Island craft beers and Wild Ophelia chocolates. This tasting was part of the Goose Island Migration tour, making its way across the US.


Goose Island has been creating craft beer in Chicago for 25 years now. To my surprise and delight, all the Goose Island beers we were sampling were Belgian beers from their Vintage Ales. Belgian beers are my favorite!

The beers were expertly paired with Wild Ophelia chocolates. Wild Ophelia is the sister company of Vosges Haut-Chocolat and promises “an American roadtrip through chocolate,” with ingredients sourced from small farms and artisans across the country.


Our pairings were the Sofie Belgian Saison with the Southen Hibiscus Peach milk chocolate bar, the Matilda Belgian Pale Ale with the Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips dark chocolate bar, the Pepe Nero Belgian Saison with the Beef Jerky milk chocolate bar, and the Pere Jacques Trappist Ale with the Peanut Butter & Banana milk chocolate bar.

My favorite of the beers was the Pepe Nero, which had the light drinkability of a Saison, with the smoky richness of a stout or porter. My favorite chocolate was the Smokehouse BBQ Potato Chips, followed by the Beef Jerky. I’m a sucker for anything that combines salty and sweet, plus the potato chips add a fun crunch.

We each got to take home a Wild Ophelia bar, too. These won’t last long in our house!


In attendance were bloggers from:

Again? Really?

Becca Kocher Yoga

Clue Into Cleveland and husband Scott

Cooker Girl

Deck on Food


FireSide Symphony

Happiness is a Hot Pierogi

Hey Cleveland! and friend

Poise in Parma (our fabulous organizer)

Rust Belt Runner

SOS Associates and wife Julie

As usual, Whole Foods was a great host and we left quite happy. For a calendar of upcoming foodie events at Whole Foods, click here. Stay tuned to the OBA Facebook page for information on upcoming blogger meetups, too!

***Disclosure: The Ohio Blogging Association was invited to attend the Goose Island/Wild Ophelia tasting at no cost to attendees. While at the event, we each received a complimentary Wild Ophelia chocolate bar. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. Seriously, where was I when the chocolate was being handed out? (Probably face planted in my salad. I so easily distracted by the WFM salad bar…) Thank you both for attending!

  2. Alicia, are you serious? You didn’t get any chocolate? I took home the beef jerky bar also. I gave it to hubby. I think he would have liked to come. I was so excited to see others think that beer and chocolate are a great combination. Anytime I’ve said that people look at me like I’m sick! 🙂 It was so great to finally meet you and your hubby, Jen!

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