Why? The Rail!

Last week, I met up with my sister-in-law Elizabeth for dinner down in the 330. As an only child, I love having a sister to hang out with now! We checked out The Rail, a hip burger joint in Fairlawn. The Rail is small inside, but with high ceilings and stripped down décor, it still felt spacious.


We settled in with some cocktails that appealed to both our adult and kid sides. Elizabeth chose the spiked creamsicle milkshake, a tasty combination of mandarin orange vodka, marshmallow vodka, and vanilla ice cream.


I went with the Guinness float, which combines the classic beer with rich vanilla ice cream. Mmm! There are a number of non-alcoholic ice cream drinks on the menu to tempt you, as well.


The Rail lets you build your own burger if you want and offers any burger with chicken or a veggie burger instead. Also, there are non-burger sandwiches, salads, and appetizers available.

However, we each chose one of the specialty burgers. I had the 7th Heaven burger, with bacon, truffle butter, and red onion jam, with a side of sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo. Pro tip: these sides are big enough to share, especially with such a rich burger.


I loved every juicy bite of the 7th Heaven. The bacon was thick-cut and smoky and complimented the richness of the truffle butter well.

Elizabeth chose the Tourist burger, with avocado spread, spinach, red pepper mayo, and red onion. She was definitely happy with her choice. I had my burger prepared medium rare, but Elizabeth’s medium preparation was still very juicy too.

The Rail is committed to local products, with their burgers using a special blend of all-Ohio beef ground by Cleveland’s own Blue Ribbon Meats. The draft and bottle beer list features mainly Ohio craft beers, too. For a tasty burger down in the 330, I definitely recommend The Rail.


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