Why? Fun at the Zoo!

Did you know you can adopt some of the adorable critters from the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo? Well, we did just that for my father-in-law, who is now the proud zoo parent of a meerkat. We chose the meerkat because my father-in-law spent time on an Earth Watch trip at Meerkat Manor in South Africa.


Seriously! How cool is that?

As part of the Cleveland Zoological Society’s adoption package, we got a behind-the-scenes tour of an area of the Zoo. Our tour was of the Australian Adventure exhibit, which not only featured time with the animals but also a dinner from Outback Steakhouse and a wine tasting.


We went in the kangaroo barn and got to see both kangaroos and wallabies in their cages. Two of the wallabies (a mom and son) hopped out to see us for a bit.


Next, we went to the koala house, where we got to meet the zoo’s koala. The koala were in for the evening and either munching on eucalyptus or sleeping. The eucalyptus is shipped in from warmer climates and the koala will go through 400 pounds per week for their diet.


Because koala are so expensive to feed, not many zoos have them, so we’re lucky to have a zoo that can support these adorable critters.


The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo certainly offers us amazing opportunities to get up close and personal with animals. If you want your own cool Zoo experience, check out adopting a zoo critter.

If zoo parenthood isn’t your speed, the Cleveland Zoological Society’s upcoming Twilight at the Zoo on Friday, August 2 allows you to contribute to the Zoo in a less “parental” way.

Image Source - clevelandzoosociety.org
Image Source – clevelandzoosociety.org

In its 20th year, Twilight at the Zoo is one of the wildest parties of the summer. From 7pm until midnight, there will be live music from 17 local bands, such as Wanted, Disco Inferno, and Almost Famous, scattered throughout the Zoo.

Enjoy casual small bites, Samuel Adams beer, Jacob’s Creek wine, and Twisted Tea, plus get to see some of the Zoo’s inhabitants who will also be out to play.

General admission tickets are still available, but are going fast! Tickets are $80 and proceeds benefit the Cleveland Zoological Society. Get your tickets online today and then get your groove on at Twilight at the Zoo!

***Disclosure: I was asked by the Cleveland Zoological Society to help promote Twilight at the Zoo. In exchange, I will receive 2 complimentary VIP tickets to the event. As always, all opinions and decisions to pet wild critters are 100% my own.***


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  1. Did you get to touch the koala? It’s on my bucket list to actually hold one someday!! And I’m kinda jealous. We adopted a rhino last year and didn’t get any behind-the-scenes tour? Just a tiny stuffed rhino for Drew and a cheesy certificate. 🙁

  2. Je

    Zoo parenthood, ha, precisely why I love reading your blog 🙂 glad I heard about this, never knew it was an option. Verrrry cool!

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