Why? Twilight at the Zoo!

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Twilight at the Zoo is such a unique and fun event! You combine 17 local bands, food and drinks, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and you have quite the evening. Plus, all this fun supports the Cleveland Zoological Society!


Matthew and I started out in the VIP area, where we met up with Alicia, Hans, Amanda, and Scott.


We enjoyed small bites from like crab salad from AMP 150, beef tartare from Red the Steakhouse, crab cakes and oysters from Mitchell’s Fish Market, filet and scalloped potatoes from Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse, and cupcakes with shots of vodka in them from Auts Tipse Treats.

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Just as we finished eating, the rain started. And I don’t mean a little bit of rain. I mean monsoon rain. So, having not just survived, but thrived on a damp evening at Twilight, here are some tips.

When the rain starts, seek shelter. Your first instinct may be to hide under trees or under large margarita glasses.


This will not keep you dry for long. Proceed with haste (OK, flat out run) for the Aquatics and Primates building. You’ll be dry, more safe than under a tree, and you can check out some critters.


At some point, you will decide the rain has subsided enough to venture outside for an Angry Orchard cider. Do not be fooled, you will get drenched. Be smart: protect your drink from being watered down by rain.


Some bands will still be playing, but some will not. In this case, make your own music in the gift shop.


And whatever you do, get out there and enjoy every minute! Twilight was still a blast, despite the weather. It’s all about knowing how to dance in the rain.


If you’re looking for another chance for a great evening at the Zoo, check out Date Night at the Zoovies, happening Friday, August 23. Tickets are on sale now!

***Disclosure: I was asked by the Cleveland Zoological Society to help promote Twilight at the Zoo and Date Night at the Zoovies. In exchange, I received 2 complimentary VIP tickets to Twilight at the Zoo and 2 complimentary tickets to Date Night at the Zoovies. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. Michelle G

    I loved twilight this was only my second year going so wished I would of tried it all along fantastic fun at night!!

  2. PLP

    Cute! I’m behind on my blog reading and having just read the one about unscheduled time and this one, I was reminded of the morning First Amendment class got cancelled and we celebrated by going to the zoo instead! Good times! (What’s sad is that I don’t think day drinking even crossed our minds, we were such tightly wound law students then!)

      1. michelle g

        yep i kept forgetting to purchase my set my sister got hers last sunday so bit bummed love back to the future as well !! i assume its the same or similiar guide lines but on a smaller scale then twilight

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