Why? Chefs Unbridled!

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You know it was a busy weekend when the weekend recap becomes two blog posts! On Saturday night, Matthew and I attended Chefs Unbridled, a tasty and elegant fundraiser to benefit Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center.


The event took place in a huge tent on the Chagrin Polo Fields, with swirling lights and soft music. Before dinner was even served, Master of Ceremonies Stefani Schaefer, backed by the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra, got everyone’s attention for a special live auction.


The prize was dinner for 20 prepared in your home by Chefs Chris Hodgson, Scott Kuhn, Jonathon Sawyer, Rocco Whalen, and Matt Danko, with wine pairings by Brandon Chrostowski. What an amazing evening that would be! With Chefs Hodgson and Kuhn up on stage to help the bidding, the dinner fetched $10,500 for Fieldstone Farm.


Not only is the dinner an awesome prize, but it’s such a great example of how our Cleveland chefs can come together for good causes!

After that, it was onto the tasting dinner. The first thing we sampled was a crab salad with avocado mousse from Chef Jeff Jarrett at AMP 150.


The dish was light, fresh, and summery: a perfect start to the meal!

From that to something much more savory, we tried the yakitori bacon with shiso fried rice, baby tomato salad, and kewpie mayo from Chef Jim Blevins of Hodge’s.


This dish was a lot of people’s favorite of the evening and it’s easy to see why: the “bacon” was rich and fatty and the rice and tomatoes complimented it well. It was a bit hard to eat in a graceful way, but that’s OK!

Our next tastes were tagliatelle with bolognese from Chef Matt Mytro of Flour; shortrib studded mushroom croquette with creamy collards and crushed peaches from Chef Ian H. Thompson of Radius; and raw beet ravioli with pine nut ricotta cheese from Chef Anna Harouvis of Anna in the Raw.


The tagliatelle was classically delicious and well-executed. The croquette had a lot of flavors going on and I think I’m still trying to figure how I felt about that dish. The raw beet ravioli was so creative and, while a raw diet isn’t in my future, I totally appreciate how interesting and versatile it can be in the hands of Chef Harouvis.

Our penultimate taste came from Chef Matt Danko of The Greenhouse Tavern. Chef Danko served Lake Erie salted white fish with buttermilk-poached mushrooms, artichoke and hazelnut.


While it wasn’t his famous popcorn pot de creme, this dish was filled with delicate flavors and really had me craving more savory food from Chef Danko.

My favorite dish of the evening was from Driftwood Restaurant Group, prepared by Chefs Chris Hodgson and Scott Kuhn. Seared duck breat was served on top corn polenta, with macerated blueberries and demi glace.


Everything about this dish worked by itself, but also combined to form a bite that had the richness of the duck, a bit of sweet from the polenta, and tart from the blueberries. I would also drink the demi glace, it was that good.

There was just as much fun going on outside the tent as inside, with Sweet! Mobile Cupcakery and a microbrew truck serving up dessert and libations. You could also hop on a horse-drawn carriage ride.

IMG_7023All in all, it was a wonderful and delicious evening to benefit a great cause. To learn more about how you can help Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center, click here

***Disclosure: I was asked by Fieldstone Farm to help promote Chefs Unbridled. In exchange, I received 2 complimentary tickets to the event. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. What a pretty venue…that’s one of my favorite areas to hike/bike! Wouldn’t mind a horse ride either or volunteering for the good cause. BTW that picture of you two is ADORABLE!! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. Jen,

    Again it was a pleasure to meet you (and hubby) IRL. I really enjoyed the event. As for that croquette I don’t think it worked at all. Too mushy, the texture was off and the flavors never combined. I wanted to like the dish from Driftwood, but the piece of duck I (and Kate) got was way tough and chewy. I had a difficult time eating it (no knife). I loved everything else about the dish, but that duck just spoiled my enjoyment of it. My absolute favorite was the AMP 150 crab dish. Soooo good.

    It was a fun event. Nothing like hanging out in one of the richest hoods in the area where dropping $125 on a 50/50 raffle ticket was like it was dropping $5 or paying $10,500 for chefs to come cook you an amazing meal for you and 20 guests. If only…

    I’m glad my wife won tickets through you for this event. Great time. Great review by you.


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