Why? Humble Wine Bar!

I love when two of my favorite things combine, in this case wine bars and blogger friends, a la last week’s outing to Humble Wine Bar. I met up with Nadine and Jaclyn for some vino and chit-chat.


Humble Wine Bar is brought to you by the same folks who are behind Deagan’s Kitchen and Bar, so it’s no surprise that there’s great service, a well-rounded wine and craft beer list, and a tasty menu!

But first, the decor is adorable and relaxed, with great wine bottle light fixtures inside and two large garage-style doors that open onto a patio with picnic tables.

IMG_7202We started by sharing an order of the spicy oven roasted nuts, which are a delicious treat! Then, despite not being vegan, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try the vegan pizza, with seitan “sausage,” tofu “mozarella,” peppers, onions and oregano.

IMG_7205I may become a vegan just for this pizza. The flavors were incredible and you could honestly not tell the difference from a “real” sausage and pepper pizza. Jaclyn chose the mushroom pizza, which looked and smelled just as incredible.

Nadine ordered a couple of the anitpasti dishes. Two of these are enough for a nice, light meal.

While the menu isn’t huge, there are a good amount of choices from antipasti to small plates to pizzas. This is a great light dinner/girls (or guys) night out spot! Have you been to Humble Wine Bar?

3 Responses

  1. Alison Shanahan

    Thanks for the idea on the pizza! Always on the lookout for Vegan options….. My mouth has been watering all day!


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