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So, after Tuesday’s post, I kind of felt like having a *drops mic and walks away* moment. I mean, what more was there to say, right? Well, lots. For the last three months of blogging I’ve been keeping a secret from you. And I am a terrible secret keeper. So, here are a few things you missed in the last three months, since sharing them would have meant letting the CLEbaby cat out of the bag…

1. Writing about food was really tough. First, I had a complete aversion to meat for most of the first trimester. It’s starting to get better, but I’m still not so sure that I’ll be eating the turkey on Thanksgiving (although, truthfully, the side dishes are usually my favorites anyway). So if you noticed a lot of pasta dishes, well, there was a reason for that. And even if something tasted good when I originally ate it, by the time I went to write about it, I was like, “Why did I take a picture of that? I don’t want to talk about it.” I’ve missed food. So has Matthew. We’re both pretty happy the yuckiness seems to be fading.

2. I miss yoga. I knew I’d have to give up the hot power vinyasa flows and that’s totally worth it and valid, but I was proud of my practice and it had become really central to my weeks. I also learned the dangers of ego in yoga. I went to a beginners-level class and decided I could push myself to do the more complicated modifications of the poses. Not a good idea. I need to get my ego, which is telling me “You can do more,” to take a back seat to my body. I’m dipping my toes into prenatal and restorative yoga now, but it’s been a journey to get there.

3. I went to Target one day and bought a pair of sweatpants, a Be Maternity BellyBand, Sea-Bands (anti-nausea FTW), and some FRE alcohol-removed wine. I call it “The Pregnant Lady Special.” I share in case you need stocking-stuffers for the pregnant lady in your life.

4. I am stockpiling Christmas Ale. I hear the Great Lakes batch is really good this year. I also love Breckenridge Brewery Christmas Ale and Thirsty Dog 12 Dogs of Christmas. I’ll have my own Christmas in July party.

5. I drove across town one morning to get donuts from my favorite donut shop: Royal Donut in Parma. Cravings are real, friends. The Dunkin’ Donuts that is 2 miles from my house wasn’t going to cut it.

6. I worry about posting less and writing about the pregnancy too much. While this is “just a blog,” I’ve put almost three years of effort into Why CLE so far and it really means something to me. I started posting less when I felt like I was stretching to get a certain number of posts and the content was suffering. I love recapping the fun things we do and places we go and there have been a little less of those lately. I also don’t want to turn this into a pregnancy blog. Why CLE is meant to be about Cleveland, as seen though my eyes: my life, with a distinctly Cleveland angle. I don’t want that to change, but being pregnant is a lens through which I see a lot of my life now, so it will creep in here and there. Thanks for being patient with me. Just know I think and worry about things like balance and content and all of that.

7. I have more energy now and generally feel better, which means lots of Cleveland fun to be had, especially with the holidays coming up.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. You can write whatever you want on this blog! Don’t apologize for writing preggo stuff!! It’s YOUR space!! So excited for you and have never heard of this FRE wine. I’ll definitely have to check that out next time I get pregnant. 🙂

  2. Don’t give up on yoga completely, Jen! I still practice vinyasa twice a week along and have been doing prenatal once a week. Ya, at 30 weeks I have to make A LOT of modifications (my arms are in great shape from going through chataranga every time since my belly won’t allow me to go to the ground), but it feels so good to stay active and yoga is AWESOME prep for labor and delivery. You’ll figure out your rhythm – especially after the first trimester yuckiness clears up.

    I’m far from a pregnancy expert – but we’re all in this together. Feel free to get in touch if you ever have questions or need to vent!! 🙂

  3. brad steinberg

    Perhaps engage some guest bloggers if your energy is waning during your pregnancy. Sign me up! A list of topics forthcoming if you are interested. Congratulations!

  4. FYI – Julia did prenatal yoga in Oberlin and absolutely loved it. She really felt it helped with the pregnancy as well. Just wanted to let you know in case this was an overlooked possibility.

    And how does Royal compare to Jack Frost?

  5. I can’t tell you how happy I am to no longer worry about accidentally asking about the pregnancy when we’re out. 🙂 As someone who’s had to cut down my blogging schedule in the past, it’s a completely fine – and slightly freeing – thing to do. It’s equally fine to take a step back and blog about something different.

  6. A nice transition for you might be to have a cle mom or cle baby tag and you could post about where to buy local cle stuff for baby or baby friendly eateries or events etc. I’m sure you will find a way to bring this new chapter of life into your blog without it becoming a mommy blog. 🙂

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