Why? Cibreo Italian Kitchen!

Last week, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with Kimberly at Cibreo Italian Kitchen. This was my first off-the-menu meal at Cibreo (I loved their media preview dinner) and I was so caught up in the delicious food and great conversation that I forgot to take any pictures! Blame it on baby brain? But, I still wanted to give you the scoop on what we enjoyed.

We split an order of the meatballs for an appetizer, made with veal and pancetta, served with marinara sauce, pecorino, and basil. The meatballs are huge and packed with classic Italian flavor! This is a great, share-able appetizer to kick off a meal.

For our entrees, I wanted to try the gnocchi, with mushrooms and grapes, but they were sold out. I went for my second choice, a classic lasagna made with bolognese, ricotta, and mozarella. Served piping hot in an individual baking dish, this lasagna was deliciously filling, without being too heavy on the meat.

Kimberly chose the asparagus risotto, which looked fresh and packed with vegetable goodness. Never ones to pass up dessert, we chose the sampler of two gelato: the hazelnut and the zabaglione. Both were a perfect sweet finish to our meal, but I give the edge to the zabaglione, which is made with prosecco. This girl has to get her bubbles in how she can these days!

The restaurant was packed with theater goers and it’s easy to see that Cibreo has become a favorite spot in Playhouse Square. On Monday nights, Cibreo offers a 2-for-$40 menu, which lets you choose one appetizer, two entrees, and one bottle of wine to share. This is a great deal and I will definitely be back, so long as someone saves me some of that gnocchi that I’m dying to try!


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