Why? In the CLE!

In this random social media world, I’ve been fortunate to have some neat opportunities to express my voice and represent what I love about Cleveland. I’m very excited to share that I will be tweeting as the voice on the In the CLE Twitter account next week, from January 19 through January 25.

Image Source - inthecle.wordpress.com
Image Source – inthecle.wordpress.com

In the CLE is described as a “citizen voice social media channel.” Each week, a different Clevelander gets to tweet from the account and so far it’s been a great mix of comedians, bloggers, and generally involved CLE folk, who love to share what they love about Cleveland and learn more about what you love. Check out bios on past weekly tweeters here.

I encourage you to follow along with @IntheCLE not just next week, but in general. I’m hoping to get some good Twitter conversations going, so be sure to participate too (yup, I’m asking for your support)! Also, I’ll be posting less on the Why CLE Twitter account next week, as I’m pretty sure I’m not tweet-y enough to maintain regular postings on two accounts! 

To learn more about In the CLE or to apply to be a tweeter of the week, click here. Hope to tweet with you soon!


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