Why? Wine and Canvas!

Last night, I attended my first ever Wine and Canvas event with the Kappa Delta Sorority Cleveland Alumnae Chapter.

IMG_7703Wine and Canvas combines cocktailing and painting into a fun evening of creativity. I am admittedly not an artist in the least, but the Wine and Canvas instructor makes everything as easy as it can be, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create the painting.

IMG_7706I’m not sure if the absence of wine helped my painting. It definitely made me more critical of my work! The painting selected for our group was a rose. First, we painted the background.

IMG_7702Then, we had time to grab a quick dinner while the canvas was drying. The event was held at Burntwood Tavern in Brecksville. I ordered the cedar-planked salmon, with asparagus and green beans.

IMG_7701It was a light, healthy, delicious meal! Also, props to the bartender who concocted me a fun, fruity beverage that was somewhat like a non-alcoholic mojito.

After dinner and drying were complete, it was time to create the rose. At various points in the process, I didn’t think it looked too much like a rose.

Hey look, it’s Why CLE roving reporter Katie!

But by the end, I was actually pretty happy with the result, if you stand far enough away from it. It’s like a Monet, right? (Please tell me you all remember that line from “Clueless!”)

IMG_7711While I’m still not feeling like an artist, Wine and Canvas was a really fun way to explore a new activity with friends, which is the most comfortable way to explore something new. I’d definitely try it again, perhaps when I could enjoy the wine portion as well! Click here to find out more about public upcoming Wine and Canvas events and get your creativity on!


***Disclosure: I am an officer for the Kappa Delta Cleveland West Alumnae Chapter. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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  1. My brother does a lot of the wine and canvas events and always has a great time! Our entire family has artwork that he’s created! It looks like you had a really fun night too. And, I love the rose!

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