Why? Sundays at Cleveland Museum of Art!

This past Sunday, I had a lovely ladies’ afternoon at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The snowy scene outdoors looked peaceful and pristine from the Museum and the entire experience made me feel swept away to Paris for a few hours.


The afternoon started with brunch at Provenance. I met up with some other blogger gals: Nadine, Rachel, Shibani, Allison, Danielle, Katy, and Alexa. We were also joined by Reena and Beth from the Museum. So, as you can imagine, brunch was quite lively and chatty!


Brunch at Provenance is a must-try treat! You start with the chef’s first course table, where tons of buttery, flaky, sinfully delicious carbs await, from croissants to pain au chocolat. There’s also fresh fruit and yogurt with housemade granola to help balance things out.


I could have made a meal just out of this table! Then, it’s time to select an entree. I chose the croque madame, with thick crusty bread, gruyere, ham, and scrambled egg (traditionally served with a sunny side-up egg, but none of that for me).


It’s been 17 years since I was in Paris, but this brunch was like being there again, except with a more appreciative palate. Brunch at Provenance is the perfect start to a Sunday at the Museum, whether you are exploring the galleries or, like us, heading to see a film.

The Cleveland Museum of Art has one of the oldest museum film programs in the country. We saw “Mademoiselle C,” a documentary about Carine Roitfeld, a style industry icon who started her own magazine. The film was a glimpse behind all those high fashion shoots that, to me, didn’t always make a lot of sense, but when explained by the actual stylists, started to have much more meaning and context.

Films are shown at the Museum on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. Personally, I recommend the brunch and film combination for a perfect Sunday in the city! You can peruse the list of upcoming films here.

Lovely ladies, a delicious meal, a fashionable film, all at one of Cleveland’s greatest institutions: it doesn’t get more magnifique than that!

***Disclosure: I was invited by the Cleveland Museum of Art to attend a complimentary brunch and film. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.***


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