Why? Weekends!

Hello there! I’m a day late on the weekend recap, because I was down with whatever early spring crud is going around, involving sniffles and generally not wanting to leave my bed. In fact, I had to cancel a date with the world’s cutest nieces on Sunday, so you know it was serious!

But before the crud hit, I managed to get in a bit of fun over the weekend. On Friday night, Matthew, his dad, and I hit the St. John Vianney fish fry. I love church fish fries during Lent! St. John Vianney has an $11 adult buffet that includes breaded or baked fish, soup, salad, pierogi, mac ‘n cheese, french fries, and pie.

photo1 (2)

So tasty! For a handy guide of area fish fries, so you can take advantage of this tasty Lenten tradition, click here.

On Saturday morning, Matthew and I got up bright and early for our “Baby Basics” class, offered through our hospital. The class covered a bit of everything from diapering to bathing to swaddling, in hopes of getting you somewhat prepared for the tiny human.

photo2 (2)

Yup, that’s Matthew holding the Cabbage Patch doll he swaddled. He’s super happy I took this picture of him.

The class was a good crash course, although I still can’t quite imagine what it’s going to be like to actually have to do all these things for real. I also can’t believe we’re at the point of taking these classes, which means the due date is really coming up (in 2 months actually)!

From preparing for a baby to, well, things you do to get a baby, I went to a Pure Romance party at my friend Katie’s place on Saturday night.

photo3 (2)

If you haven’t been to one, it’s definitely a fun Girls’ Night In, as long as you’re very comfortable with the people you’re with (having known everyone at the party for over 10 years, I was good).

The rest of the weekend (and yesterday) was spent fighting the crud and I’m starting to feel somewhat better, so here’s to a fun week and weekend ahead!

How was your weekend? Where is your favorite Cleveland fish fry?


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