Why? Weekends!

Can you believe it’s almost April? And while the last weekend of March was determined to go out like a lion, I didn’t let that keep me from getting out and about. On Friday night, Matthew, Mom and I grabbed a tasty dinner at Lure Bistro in Willoughby.

We started by sharing the graham-cracker crusted calamari and the lobster nachos.


I love the lightly sweet breading on the calamari! Next, it was time for sushi. Since raw is off limits for me, I had the crab nigiri and the Dragon roll (tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and toasted eel with sticky soy sauce).


Lure is one of my favorite local sushi spots and it made a perfect location for a Friday night Lenten dinner. Plus, any time I can satisfy my sushi craving, I’m a happy camper.

After dinner, I needed a little something for my sweet tooth (this is not a pregnancy thing, this is a me-all-the-time thing). So, we stopped in at Malley’s Chocolates for some ice cream. I had a classic chocolate malt, Mom had the perfect hot fudge sundae, and Matthew had the Bordeaux sundae, with toffee chips and almonds.


Malley’s is a Cleveland classic and their hot fudge is truly second to none!

Saturday evening, Alicia, Amanda, and I braved the crappy weather to take our dear friend Kimberly out for a surprise birthday celebration.


We started the evening with cocktails at Velvet Tango Room. Pro tip: this is a great spot for a pre-dinner drink. It’s less crowded than later in the evening and, if you’re having a superior cocktail, it might as well be your first drink so you can truly savor it! Along with cocktails, there was also present-giving and general catching-up squealing.


From VTR, we headed to dinner at Dante. Despite the weather, Dante has rolled out their spring menu, filled with so many delicious options that I need at least three return trips to order everything I want to try. For my dinner on Saturday, I chose the ribeye, topped with garlic and ramps and served with a potato and spinach gratin.


Since these days I have to order steaks more well done than I usually do, I’m always a bit trepidatious. Will the steak still be tender and have a lot of good flavor? With this one, the answer was a resounding yes. The ribeye was perfectly marbled and just melted in my mouth.

Also, mad props to Dante for having a “Mommytini” that was not only delicious, but could be ordered without trying to go into some long-winded explanation about a drink that is tasty but doesn’t contain any alcohol.

Dessert for me was an apple almond streusel, which was like a candy bar, with an almond crust layered with caramel, apples, almonds, and crumbled streusel topping. And, of course, the birthday girl got to make a wish in her coconut panna cotta.


It was a perfect evening out with my favorite ladies, celebrating the birthday of such a special friend! Here’s to a year of ridiculous happiness for Kimberly!

On Sunday, I spent the afternoon hanging out with the world’s cutest nieces. We played, painted nails, read books, and watched “Cinderella.”


Couldn’t ask for a better Sunday! How was your weekend?


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