Why? Weekends!

After a Friday of inspiration at TEDxCLE, the rest of my weekend was spent celebrating my friend Michelle, who is getting married in June. Saturday night was her bachelorette party. The evening started with dinner at Lago.


We had the back party room to ourselves, which was the perfect spot for our group and let us get a little rowdy too. And the food was just delicious. We started with meat and cheese platters and tapenade.

For dinner, we had a limited menu to choose from, but that didn’t make the choice of what to order any easier! I had the polenta Bolognese.


Creamy polenta was topped with a hearty Bolognese, made with veal, pork, and sausage. This dish was so flavorful! I wish I had room to eat it all!

After some homemade “naughty” dessert, most of the party moved on to TownHall for more bachelorette fun.



I headed home, though, to rest up for the shower the next day. On a beautiful Sunday, Michelle’s shower was held at Legacy at Sweetbriar Golf Club.


It was a lovely afternoon celebrating a lovely lady and helping her get ready for her big day! All in all, what a fun weekend!



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