Why? Baby Shower!

Anyone who is pregnant intellectually knows they are having a baby. But there are days when you KNOW you are having a BABY. Sunday was one of those days for me, as I was surrounded by family and friends for my baby shower.

IMG_7890The shower was held at Landerhaven and, as usual, they did a fantastic job with gorgeous decor, delicious food and drinks, and spot-on service.


My mom, along with Alicia, Amanda, and Kimberly, put so much work into making the day perfect. And it all paid off because it was absolutely wonderful!


That lady is going to just be the best grandma in the world!

I was overwhelmed by how many people showed up to celebrate (with major props to Jen, Whitney, and Susan for coming all the way from DC) and by the sheer volume of gifts we received. I don’t want to say our baby is already spoiled, but I will say that he is very, very loved!


Please note the dog rocker in the lower left corner. I affectionately call this the Ride-a-Tobey, because it’s pretty much a dead ringer for our dog. And honestly, this was my most coveted registry item. Car seat, eh, we’ll figure it out. The baby NEEDS a Ride-a-Tobey (find your own here). Don’t worry, we got the car seat too.

From old friends…


to new friends…


to fairy godmothers (just photoshop Alicia into this one), it couldn’t have been a more perfect and happy celebration.


Oh, I should probably explain the fairy godmothers part. Alicia, Amanda, and Kimberly, along with their husbands, have agreed to be the godparents for our baby. Matthew and I are so lucky to have such a strong group of friends and six godparents just seemed so much more logical than two. Truly, this group is family to us and each member has qualities that we hope our child will acquire. Plus, they have been and will continue to be such a great support network for us. What better choice could there be?

Thanks to everyone who made the baby shower such a fantastic day! And stay tuned for the post on the crazy nesting that happens post-baby shower!


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  1. Mom M

    What a beautiful venue! Kimberly was a flower girl in a wedding and the reception was held there. Looking forward to the nesting photos!

  2. When the other two fairy godmothers told me about the Ride-a-Tobey on the registry, I knew you HAD to have it! One of these times you have a shower, I’ll hopefully NOT be in a yoga studio… but know I was thinking of your all day long! So happy to see it went fabulously.

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