Why? Nesting!

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I had heard stories of women going crazy about nesting as they got toward the end of their pregnancies. Somehow, despite being very Type A, I was convinced it wouldn’t happen to me. And then we came home from my baby shower with all this:


That night, I proceeded to lie awake in bed thinking about in which kitchen cabinet the bottles should be stored. I was officially in crazy nesting mode. So, after a week of great team work with Matthew, I am happy to say that the nursery, bathroom, and playroom are all set up! While we still have about a month until my due date, I feel so much better knowing everything is in place for when our little one arrives.

So, here’s what it all looks like and what I love (hopefully the little guy will love it, too). The nursery furniture was purchased from Berg’s Baby and Teen Furniture and is from the Romina Imperio collection (except for the glider and ottoman).


Notice the Minion drawing on the far wall? That was our first item for the nursery, from Amanda and Scott. I just love it! And the dresser drawers are already chock-full of washed-and-ready-to-go baby clothes, blankets, and swaddles.

The accent wall is actually a design that Matthew created, using graphic blocking of letters and numbers. We didn’t want to go too heavy-handed with a nursery “theme” and wanted something the baby could grow into over time. Matthew created the design and then we sent it off to Power Graphics, who created digital wallpaper out of the design.


The end result is something truly unique and the fact that Matthew made the design makes it even more special.

Our crib bedding is the “Jack” set from Caden Lane. Since we have a lot of dark furniture in a small room, we wanted bedding that added some lightness and color.


Don’t worry, we’re taking the bumpers out before the baby arrives! They’re just in there now because they look nice.

I just adore how the nursery looks and think it will be such a great space for all of us!

While the nursery doesn’t have a theme, the bathroom does. I feel in love with these whale wall decals and so the whale bathroom theme was it.


I found towels, a rug, and a wastebasket to go along with the theme. But I chose a non-whale themed shower curtain from Sweet JoJo Designs, which matches the bathroom fixtures and tile well.


Our recently-converted-into playroom and living room now contain things like a Pack ‘n Play, playmat gym, Ride-a-Tobey, and a swing.


Our Pack ‘n Play is from Chicco and we were able to get the highchair, stroller, and car seat all in the same print. The toychest in the upper left corner was made by Matthew’s grandfather for Matthew’s first birthday. I love that he still has it and that we were able to incorporate it into our playroom.

Our swing is the 4moms MamaRoo in blue plush. It has five different motions, built-in nature sounds, ability to play music from an iPhone…it’s a pretty swanky swing!

Anyway, I think that’s the rundown. For as crazy as nesting made me, it was also so much fun getting everything ready for our little one. Now, all that’s left is to pack the hospital bag and wait for the big day!


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  1. Everything looks beautiful! We didn’t do a themed nursery, either. I’m glad to see we’re not the only ones. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes as smoothly as the baby prep appears to have gone!

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