Why? One Last Pregnancy Post!

Don’t take this as an indication that I’m in labor, although if writing “One Last Pregnancy Post” helps spur that along, that’s just fine with me. Since my due date is one week away and since my doctor seems to think that “anytime” is the time when I can have this baby, I thought I’d try to wrangle my thoughts into one last pregnancy post.

Am I so ready to be done with being pregnant? Yes and no. I am so ready to meet this little guy, that’s for sure. I’m dying to know how’s he going to look. Our last ultrasound was at 18 weeks. So, he had all his parts, but what he’s actually going to look like is a total mystery.

Image Source - memefun.com
Image Source – memefun.com

There’s also nothing to do at this point but wait for him to be born. The nursery is done, the bag is packed, every medical test has been taken. If I was a patient person, maybe having nothing to do but wait would be easier. But I am not a patient person.

That said, being pregnant has been pretty amazing, aside from feeling less than stellar throughout the first trimester. I feel generally great. Walking has turned into waddling and rolling over in bed has turned into a 3-point turn, but really, I have no major complaints. I’ve really tried to cherish this time, rather than wish it away.



So, whenever our little man wants to show up, we’re ready for him, but know that his momma has really treasured the nine months leading up to his actual arrival.

A few more random scattered thoughts:

1. My last-minute root beer float craving that kicked in a couple weeks ago led to me sampling some fine root beer float specimens from East Coast Original Frozen Custard, Malley’s, Sweet Moses, and Mitchell’s Ice Cream. I have to give the win to Mitchell’s, whose ice cream is just top notch and who also gives you extra IBC root beer to refill your cup.

2. Over the weekend, I had a manicure, pedicure, hair cut, and highlight refresh. So, this baby should come soon, while I’m still looking all spiffy.

3. I have an amazingly wonderful husband, who has been so supportive and who is going to make just the best father in the world.

4. I have amazingly wonderful parents, who have been so supportive and who are going to make just the best grandparents in the world.

5. I had a moment last week, when I was hanging out with the usual suspects, of feeling really sad about the “end of an era,” the last time we all hung out kid-free. I’m hopeful for a balance between everything changing and nothing changing. I know navigating that leap can be hard on friendships, but there are no people I’d rather navigate it with (or for).

As for all of you, dear readers, thank you for your excitement and well wishes throughout this journey! OK, now it’s back to staring at my belly and waiting for this kiddo to make his appearance!


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  1. Mom M

    I always laugh when the doctor says that the baby could be here “any time now”. When the doctor told me that, I had to wait 2 weeks for Kimberly’s arrival! Motherhood changes everything but it is such a blessing! I know you will enjoy the journey!

  2. If it were me, I would be losing my mind right now because of my inability to be patient. So kudos to you for enjoying these last however-many days til Baby R is here. We’re all excited to meet him!

  3. Again, thank you for not having that beautiful baby at my event last week. I will continue to thank you for this until that little bundle of joy arrives. And then I will thank him directly for this. ALMOST THERE!!!

  4. Wishing you and your husband all the luck it the world when it comes to labor, delivery and the transition to parenthood. May your labor be swift, uncomplicated and manageable. And, may you give birth to a perfect son, eager to eat and sleep! (You know, one of those beautiful mythical creatures.)

    I shared many of your feelings while awaiting the birth of my child. I had an easy pregnancy and wasn’t quite ready to let go of the amazing experience, but was eager to meet my son! All of the OBs we encountered at Hillcrest were wonderful and the nurses were very supportive and kind. They sent us home with a ton of stuff, so don’t be afraid to ask for extras. The postpartum panties are far from pretty, but they worked well and I was thankful for the extras, as they’re not something you can send a friend out to buy for you!

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