Why? Match Works Tavern Lunch!

As I’ve written here before, Match Works Tavern in Mentor is one of our favorite restaurants and has become a “special occasion” destination for us. From birthdays to anniversaries to our rehearsal dinner, we’ve never been disappointed with the food or the service. Owners Tom and Denise Quick are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, which makes going there even more worthwhile in my mind.

We knew we wanted to take Jeffrey out for a meal before Matthew heads back to work on Thursday. We love eating out and want our little man to get acclimated to coming with us. Considering everything I’ve already told you, the choice of where to go was pretty obvious for us. Besides, how could I say no to a lunch date with these cuties, who brought me flowers no less?!


For my lunch, I had the Monte Cristo sandwich, stacked high with French-toast-style bread, smoked pork loin, swiss cheese, mustard, and local maple syrup. Delicious!


The house-made fries had just the right peppery bite and were a nice compliment to the sweetness in the sandwich.

Matthew chose the tuna “nacho” special, with tuna tartare served on top paper-thin wonton crisps and garnished with seaweed, cilantro, and Sriracha.


This was a great summer meal, as it was light, but still full of flavor. We each paired our meal with a local craft beer from Thirsty Dog. For dessert, we shared the chocolate mousse, which we know we love from Match Works (plus, it gave me a chance to check another item off the list of foods I can now eat again).


Match Works provided yet another tasty meal for yet another special occasion. Jeffrey did very well at his first meal out and we can’t wait to continue to let him soak in the atmosphere at some great Cleveland restaurants.


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